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Frank Ocean

And he discusses the criticism of his club night...

*Frank Ocean* has shared his new single 'DHL' - tune in now.

The songwriter released..
4 hours ago • Clash


Jared Leto

Actor was previously described as feeling 'alienated and upset' by Phoenix film
6 hours ago • Independent


The broadcaster on his cult status, protecting the planet and finally finding its most elusive animal.
14 hours ago • BBC News

Star Wars

Series, starring Pedro Pascal and Nick Nolte, arrives on Disney+ next month
7 hours ago • Independent

Katie Jarvis

'Person gets job so her kids don't starve? Good for her,' tweeted Kathy Burke
3 hours ago • Independent

Guard Fired

'How can people be this disrespectful!?', singer and actor tweeted
5 hours ago • Independent

Michael Douglas

'I would [do it], not realising until years later what it had been,' Cameron Douglas writes
4 hours ago • Independent

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