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Rugby World Cup

An Auckland schoolboy who dreams of becoming a Highlander and an All Black has won a trip to the Rugby World Cup in Japan — and his reaction was as chilled out..
10 hours ago • New Zealand Herald


Easy Rider / Peter Fonda

US actor Peter Fonda, the star of cult classic road movie Easy Rider, has died at the age of 79. Born into an established acting family, he carved his own..
6 hours ago • Deutsche Welle

Peter Fonda / Easy Rider

Peter Fonda, the son of a Hollywood legend who became a movie star in his own right, both writing and starring in counterculture classics like Easy Rider, has..
17 hours ago • CBC.ca

Saif Ali Khan

As per the fan clubs, the picture is from Saif Ali Khan's 49th birthday celebrations in London. It features Saif in a casual black t-shirt and denims while..
11 hours ago • Zee News

Parsi New Year

In the Parsi culture, the number seven is a revered number as it signifies the seven elemental forces of earthly life. Therefore, a 'Half Seen' table is set up..
11 hours ago • Zee News

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