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China’s first government-backed blockchain initiative has just launched an official international website.
17 minutes ago • The Cointelegraph

Anders Opedal to take the helm at Equinor, the group formerly known as Statoil
2 hours ago • FT.com

The regulator responsible for issuing licenses to crypto firms in NY greenlisted 8 coins for trading, including all 3 Paxos tokens.
2 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
The USD/CNY pair is little changed today as traders react to the rising tensions between the US and China. The pair is also reacting to the relatively strong..
3 hours ago • Invezz
Fast-growing segment is rare bright spot for active managers hit by investor shift into passive funds
4 hours ago • FT.com

Investments providing a good return today might not be replaced by equally attractive products tomorrow
4 hours ago • FT.com

Bitcoin price has pushed through $12,000 for the second time this month but will it hold?
4 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
The number of Bitcoin Cash investors holding at least $3M dropped by 10 since Aug. 1 following the price surge to more than $311.
4 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Investors also watching Trump administration’s efforts to extend coronavirus support
5 hours ago • FT.com

The native token of Japanese messaging giant LINE is now available for trading on crypto exchange BitMax.
5 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Japanese convenience store group makes bold move in world of falling fuel demand
5 hours ago • FT.com

How Cosmos, the blockchain interoperability project that turned a small ICO into a thriving ecosystem, survived the breakup of its founding team.
6 hours ago • Coindesk

Concerns raised after billion-dollar bets on the South American country’s bonds sour
7 hours ago • FT.com

Strategies from the world of traditional finance could offer promise for miners who want to lower the risk associated with holding inventory.
9 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
If there was one thing the last oil price crisis proved, it was this: despite the devastation that low oil prices can wreak on an industry, they can also make..
9 hours ago • OilPrice.com

The BAND native token will be supported for trading on Huobi Global beginning August 10.
10 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Back in 2014, every citizen in oil-rich Norway became a theoretical millionaire after the country's oil fund - the world's largest sovereign wealth fund -..
11 hours ago • OilPrice.com

The president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve calls for stricter lockdowns to help save the economy.
11 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Ethereum price has stalled below $400 but ETH options data suggests the altcoin will push through the resistance level soon.
11 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Ethereum Classic's recent 51% attacks highlight the value of large open-source networks such as Bitcoin and Eth – it’s about more than hashrate.
11 hours ago • Coindesk

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has signed a preliminary agreement with two companies over a dispute about foreign firms exporting Nigerian..
2 days ago • OilPrice.com

Libya's port blockade is set to keep the North African country's oil off the market until at least the fourth quarter of 2020, which, as devastating as it will..
13 hours ago • OilPrice.com

LongHash said China’s blockchain companies have increased substantially and recorded an all-time high in 2020 despite Covid-19.
13 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Bitcoin and most altcoins are likely to remain range-bound for a few more days before resuming the next leg of the up move.
13 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Chainlink's link token has surged past bitcoin, becoming the most traded cryptocurrency of the past 24 hours on Coinbase Pro.
14 hours ago • Coindesk

Hacks into crypto exchanges target open-source libraries and take advantage of inside jobs researchers said.
14 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
With more chips produced outside of Asia and more countries offering cheaper power, China’s mining dominance may not last said Jameson Lopp.
15 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
How Bitcoin’s third halving, Ethereum 2.0’s launch and the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting the crypto mining industry.
15 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Business development companies (BDCs) allow ordinary investors to act like venture capitalists by indirectly purchasing ownership in small or distressed..
1 day ago • Wealth Daily

Jet fuel demand for commercial flights crashed during the worldwide lockdowns in April, and although some of the demand has returned, jet fuel consumption in..
3 days ago • OilPrice.com

Guyana has become one of the main upstream stars of the past decade, rising from zero to hero in less than 5 years. Much of Guyana’s rise to prominence took..
15 hours ago • OilPrice.com

Compound (COMP) price surged around 25% this week after the platform rolled out its own price oracle. COMP price has now erased all losses from a prior week,..
16 hours ago • Invezz
Proportion of trades made electronically continued to rise even as markets calmed
17 hours ago • FT.com

The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — one week on Cointelegraph in one link!
19 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Coincurve’s Rod Hsu says facial recognition can stamp out social media Bitcoin scams.
17 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
The UK government announced plans to invest, through its Getting Building Fund, in the construction of Europe’s first geothermal lithium recovery pilot plant..
17 hours ago • OilPrice.com

Long Reads Sunday features excerpts about public and private markets, the new bitcoin bull market, and DJ Marshmello.
18 hours ago • Coindesk

One of the biggest commercial banks in South Korea has partnered with the Korea Expressway Corporation for a blockchain-based toll system.
18 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
What are some trends in the crypto and blockchain space that may take hold and remain ongoing throughout the rest of 2020?
18 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Investors and regulators worry the crisis will hold back push for more competition
19 hours ago • FT.com

With Nifty Gateway recently auctioning a digital artwork and NFT for a record $55,555.55, the art world is on alert.
20 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
There are about 800 crypto funds today, making it a daunting task for investors to decide how to invest.
20 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Bitcoin traders not fazed as the global stock market enters bubble territory, according to the Buffett Indicator.
20 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
We wanted a permissionless system where users set the rules. We got a new financial toy for a small handful of wealthy companies and individuals.
21 hours ago • Coindesk

In the emerging global crypto economy, crypto mining is probably going to remain and even become more profitable in the upcoming years.
22 hours ago • The Cointelegraph
Conservative MP Gareth Davies on ESG, funding the sustainable recovery and being a hawk on China
22 hours ago • FT.com

Market Questions is the FT’s guide to the week ahead
1 day ago • FT.com

State-owned oil group plans to pay out $75bn this year even as coronavirus pummels finances
1 day ago • FT.com

DeFi has been the name of the game since the start of the summer, but how much is the sector really growing?
1 day ago • The Cointelegraph
SARB under pressure from politicians to take more direct role in stimulating economy
1 day ago • FT.com

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