Apple Set to Release Three New iPhones – Amid Stock Market Woes

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on January 12, 2019
by 👨‍💻 Simon Baxendale

It’s hardly been a good few weeks for Apple. While the brand continues to battle it out alongside Samsung and Huawei for global supremacy with regard to the smartphone market, it appears that concerns over sales of their recent iPhone range have taken a serious chunk out of their stock market prominence. Earlier in the month, the brand saw its share price fall by a staggering 9% - after it emerged that they would be cutting their revenue forecasts moving forwards. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is the first time Apple have had to do this in 16 years – and it’s thought that waning sales in China are to blame. However, if rumors elsewhere are to be believed, sales of the most recent XS range of phones may not be as healthy as many would have predicted.

Forbes claims that Apple are now planning to follow up their XS, XS Max and XR models with three brand new phones in 2019, indicating that there may be yet another change in course planned for Tim Cook’s firm in the next twelve months. The XS Max is the most expensive handset the company has ever produced – which may have had something to do with its alleged popularity problems with the masses. In addition to claims that the new iPhones failed to innovate enough in comparison with the previous X range, something’s got to give.

Apple's Big Plan to Revive iPhone Sales Reportedly is New Phones and More Cameras
Apple's Big Plan to Revive iPhone Sales Reportedly is New Phones and More Cameras [video]

Apple have traditionally released a new iPhone every year for some time now, however, they may be finding challenges popping up in a market where users simply aren’t upgrading devices on a year by year basis. However, plans allegedly appear to be on the move to enhance the XR handset, and to focus on camera technology, pun not intended. Double and triple rear cameras are supposedly being eyed as potential add-ons for new iPhone devices for 2019, according to insider reports. However, this will remain to be seen – as to whether or not such changes will help to turn the company’s fortunes back around.

Having recently cut its quarterly sales target at the head of the year, many would be forgiven for thinking that Apple isn’t particularly optimistic about its short-term future. However, never discount the brand – as their hardware releases are always big events in the tech world, and by fall, we will likely all be buzzing about potential new devices on the horizon.

Apple Cuts Current-Quarter Production Plan For New iPhones By 10 Percent [video]


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