At TechCrunch Disrupt, Will Smith explains how he became 25 years younger for 'Gemini Man'

Credit: SFGate- Published on October 13, 2019
There was a particular struggle veteran movie star Will Smith encountered in his most recent role, in this month's "sci-fi film "Gemini Man."

In the film, Smith portrays two characters — an assassin and a younger clone of the assassin — which was a particularly complicated challenge. Smith and director Ang Lee were...

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Published on October 14, 2019 -  01:18
Will Smith's 'Gemini Man' Stumbles Its Opening Weekend
Will Smith's 'Gemini Man' Stumbles Its Opening Weekend ‘Gemini Man’ had a rough start in the box office, as projections estimate the movie only brought in $20.5 million domestically this weekend. Internationally, ‘Gemini Man’ pulled in $39 million, putting the movie in third place behind ‘Joker’ and ‘The Addams Family.’ ‘Gemini Man’ features Will Smith as an assassin facing off against a younger version of himself. The technology used to create these necessary visual effects reportedly played a big role in the movie’s estimated $140 million budget. According to SyFy Wire, ‘Gemini Man’ has been in development for nearly 20 years, which may have added to its weak reception. It has also been reported that the movie is unable to be played in its intended format anywhere in the United States. Director Ang Lee shot the movie to be specifically watched at a frame rate of 120 fps, on a high resolution 4k projector and in 3D. Some theaters are offering the movie in 3D at 60fps, as well as 3D at 120fps in 2k resolution, but none are able to reach Lee's exact standard.

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