First Iraqis catch coronavirus amid fear of Iran epidemic spillover

Credit: Reuters- Published on February 25, 2020
Iraq shut schools and universities on Tuesday and told citizens to avoid mass gatherings, as it rushed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from its neighbor Iran, hit by what appears to be the worst outbreak outside of China.

Video credit: Newsflare
Published on February 28, 2020 -  00:42
Iranians gather in long pharmacy line as coronavirus fear mounts
A long line of concerned Iranians gather at a pharmacy in Rasht, Iran as fear over the coronavirus mounts on Friday (February 28). "They're lining up for medicine, masks, whatever they can get. We all are just worried," someone at the scene told Newsflare. Iran cancelled the Friday prayers attended by thousands in Tehran and 22 other cities for the first time in decades to limit the spread of coronavirus disease, which has hit Iran harder than any nation outside of China. Officials have reported 388 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 34 related deaths, a death rate far higher than reported in other nations, including China. Virus spreading from Iran has impacted dozens of cases in nearby countries, including Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman and Pakistan. Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi and at least four members of parliament have also been infected, while the prominent cleric Hadi Khosroshahi died from the disease on Thursday.

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