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Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on August 21, 2020
by 👨‍💻 Marc Pinter-Krainer

One News Page, the long-running online news portal, continues to enhance the way that its readers can access the latest stories and breaking content on world affairs. Now, by making use of enhanced entity analysis, One News Page is able to tailor itself to the user experience through advances in artificial intelligence.

The news portal connects stories, categories, and subjects through a simple, yet hard-working AI algorithm. Focusing on natural language, One News Page is arguably working harder than many other news portals thanks to its innate programming.

This, CEO Marc Pinter-Krainer states, helps One News Page to deliver news and story results to interested browsers with greater accuracy than they are used to expecting elsewhere on the web.

“It’s possible for our users to explore millions of stories, videos and topics through AI-gathered connections,” Pinter-Krainer confirms. “The algorithms One News Page uses perform entity recognition to tailor an experience which benefits from context.”

“What’s missing from some automated news portals is this idea of context. Readers will be looking for deeper value from the stories they read. By fine-tuning our AI to sort data in an intelligent fashion, our readers are able to get to the stories, videos and articles they want to read without getting frustrated.”

One News Page’s smarter approach to news aggregation seems to be striking a chord, and the amount of data it regularly crunches is truly staggering. The portal’s AI has already analysed more than 1.3 million different news articles, adding to its impressive index of more than 100 million stories.

The portal is also getting smarter about video content, too, with more than 440,000 different news videos already analysed through split entities recognised in titles, descriptions, and transcripts. In fact, One News Page can boast more than 85,000 different accessible entities indexed thus far.

Readers can see the AI in action from page to page. For example, when reading one of the site’s unique movie reviews, users will be able to visit ‘knowledge’ pages based on specific actors. This means that they can explore content related to the stars listed in reviews in their own AI-filtered pages.

“I do believe that online news is in dire need of mass organisation,” Pinter-Krainer confirms. “We’re living in an age of fake news, which means that readers are going to need access to resources which help them bring together publishers they can trust.”

“One News Page continues to be a news portal defiant in the age of fake news. With the world continuing to struggle with COVID-19, and at a critical time for US politics, the latter half of 2020 is in dire need of news article aggregation that’s smarter by design.”

One News Page continues to offer filtered stories and video content from sources trusted all over the globe, making it easier for readers to find breaking stories and content likely to pique their interests. AI integration is likely to help the site to continue aggregating and improving in the months and years to come.

About One News Page Ltd

One News Page Ltd is a British media firm which runs a family of news portal websites across the globe. The sites, founded in 2008, feature original news coverage and syndicated news content including news videos from major trusted news sources.

The One News Page portal is arguably the fastest-access news portal in the world. It is free to browse and provides its users with a powerful search engine of more than 100 million news resources from scores of reputable and authoritative sources and journalists, allowing users to discover and locate relevant news coverage easily.

Offering written digests, original content and video news for readers to access and consume at their leisure, One News Page is continuing to tap into the news aggregation market by making it easier and quicker to access with each update.

Access to all One News Page sites is free of charge.



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