'No Deal' Brexit Made Harder by MP Vote

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on January 9, 2019
by 👨‍💻 Simon Baxendale

Brexit – where the UK will leave the European Union in just over two months’ time – has been more than fairly complicated for those at the top, not just for those impacted. With Prime Minister Theresa May having faced a number of criticisms over proposed deals that could be made to ease the country out of the EU, the possibility of the UK crashing out of Brexit without a deal at all has starting becoming an increasingly viable prospect. Stockpiling has begun in case of such an event, which could leave the country without a comfortable trade route – but a recent vote in the Houses of Parliament may well have made the ‘no deal’ route altogether untenable in the long run.

MPs backed an amendment to a piece of legislation known as the Finance Bill, according to BBC News – which means that spending planned in preparation of a no deal situation would need to be filtered through Parliament first. MPs voted 303 in favor with 296 against, making it yet another slim margin having effectively decided the fate of the country.

British legislators create new obstacle to 'no-deal' Brexit [video]

The move to restrict potential saving has been seen as a ‘sensible’ step by some MPs – necessary, perhaps, to properly prepare for such an unknown situation – while others have seen it as an important step towards potentially halting ‘no deal’ in its path altogether. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition, advised through Twitter that the result upholds the idea of there being a need for discussion. “It shows that there is no majority in Parliament, the Cabinet or the country for crashing out of the EU without an agreement.”

The latest defeat for May’s government arrives as the Prime Minister prepares to face further debate over her proposals for leaving the EU. May had decided to postpone discussions and a vote on such matters until January – in a move which some critics have discussed as potentially rigging matters in her own favor. Quite what will happen if May’s deal is shot down in Parliament – with many sources stating it will be – remains to be seen, though some media outlets have also suggested that discussions could roll on until March – when the divorce is finally supposed to be taking place.

2019 is already proving to be dramatic on the British political stage – in three months’ time, will we finally know where Brexit stands?


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