Theresa May Should 'Quit' to Help Brexit, Say Senior UK Figures

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on March 25, 2019
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Brexit is due to occur as of March 29th. That is, at present, still very much the plan. However, the UK’s proposed divorce from the European Union has been thrown into disarray in recent months as a result of there being no clear consensus on which deal will work best for the country post-Brexit – if there will be one at all. With talk of there being an extension to Brexit reaching into the summer, Prime Minister Theresa May is once again keen to try and put her own deal proposals through Parliament. However, they are proposals which have failed to appeal to MPs on two separate occasions.

May has continued to fight against rebelling MPs in her own government for considerable time during the Brexit process. It has now gotten to the extent where, according to BBC News, certain senior figures are suggesting that May steps down in order for her deal to have any chance of passing. These words come from sources who have spoken to the BBC directly, and who suggest that they may be willing to come around to her deal if she is effectively removed from further negotiations. There are also media rumblings surrounding MP Michael Gove being installed as an interim Prime Minister.

Brexit up in the air, May faces possible plot [video: Reuters]

However, these, at present, are just rumors. This coming week will be one of the busiest for May and for Parliament. MPs will return after mass protests against Brexit taking place in London, and in the emerging shadow of an online petition signed by people wishing to stop Brexit altogether. At the time of writing, that petition has between four and five million signatures.

May’s chances of getting her deal through third time lucky are, according to some sources, looking slim. House Speaker John Bercow already issued a curfew of sorts to ensure May cannot bring her deal back to the vote unless it has been ‘significantly’ changed. It is also not yet set in stone whether or not the EU will honor an extension for Brexit to take place.

Theresa May holds crisis meeting at Chequers [video: Press Association]

UK newspapers speculate over possible plot to oust Theresa May [video: Euronews]

One thing, however, is certain. By this time next week, we will know more about where the UK is heading – and whether or not it has left the EU without a deal. This could provide new challenges for UK citizens – and it will remain to be seen if it can be avoided.


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