North Korea Denuclearization: No Deal Yet

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on February 28, 2019
by 👩‍💻 Stephanie Boyd

During a week where US President Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen testified against him with regard to his behavior ahead of the 2016 election, the President took to busying himself by meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un during a summit and conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was only the second formal meeting Trump and Kim had arranged together – and following what was perceived by many Trump backers to be a successful first meeting of minds, it was hoped that some progress would be made with regard to the denuclearization of North Korea. However, that unfortunately hasn’t come to pass.

Despite Trump and Kim appearing to continue on good terms, proceedings were cut short as reporters attending the event were advised the leaders would be leaving the summit early. According to CNN, a press conference the US President was set to deliver to journalists was brought forward by two hours – with clear indication that no agreement had been made between the two states. “Sometimes you have to walk away,” Trump advised. It’s thought, according to Trump, that a breakdown in talks has occurred as a result of a disagreement with regard to sanctions relief. The President, however, appeared to remain optimistic.

Trump says U.S. had to "walk away" from Hanoi deal over sanctions [video]

The history between Trump and Kim is well-documented, with the pair initially sharing harsh words with each other from afar during the early days of Trump’s ascension to President. Infamously, Trump had referred to Kim as ‘rocket man’ via Twitter, and any chance of an amiable meeting between the pair seemed to be off the cards for considerable time. However, both leaders met last year in a controversial summit where some believed North Korea to have taken the upper hand. The turn-around from online bickering to professional meeting took many by surprise – “We fell in love,” Trump advised at the time.

With no progress yet made with regard to Pyongyang denuclearizing, powers such as those in South Korea remain optimistic. “It is regrettable that President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-Un were unable to reach complete agreement at their summit today,” an official statement from the South Korean Blue House advises, “However, it seems clear that they have made more meaningful progress than at any time prior.”

Trump leaves Hanoi after Kim summit cut short [video]

With the Cohen saga still unfolding in the US, it’s proving to be a very busy week – if not a very busy year so far – for President Trump, with his State of Emergency still looming overhead.


Credit: Newsweek
Published on February 26, 2019 -  03:49
North Korea Won't Denuclearize - Here's Why
North Korea expert Evans J.R. Revere explains that the United States and North Korea have completely different views over what denuclearization means and that if the new summit talks fail to produce anything concrete, "the United States may be heading in the direction of accepting the necessity of living with a permanently nuclear-armed North Korea."

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