Brexit Talks 'Deadlocked' Ahead of Crucial Vote on Deal

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on March 11, 2019
by 👩‍💻 Stephanie Boyd

Theresa May’s attempts to arrange a deal between the UK and the European Union with regard to Brexit have been well-publicized. However, with the proposed deadline looming for the divorce moving ever nearer, and with there being no official indication that an extension will take place, time is running out. With Prime Minister May set to bring her latest deal to be voted on by the House of Commons on Tuesday 12th March, various media sources – BBC News included – are advising that a ‘deadlock’ appears to be in play.

Mrs May is said to have made further attempts to broker a deal with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker over the weekend. However, no breakthrough was found, in what will be another frustrating blow to the UK leadership. Despite the UK set to leave the EU as of March 29th, the country and its leadership are very much up in the air as to what will happen with regard to the chance of there being a deal at all put in place.

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Michel Barnier, who has been negotiating Brexit on behalf of the EU, has suggested that there is to be no further negotiation between the UK and the Union, stating that further talks should now only be taking place within the British government.

It’s thought that, as a result of May’s negotiations breaking down further with the EU, that there is little chance of her deal being passed through the Commons on Tuesday. The sticking point for many people voting on the deal and affected by such plans has been the presence of a backstop in Ireland. This has been proposed as something which will be put in place as an open border of sorts once Brexit is finalized. However, many are concerned that plans for such a backstop will mean the UK remains in congress with the EU for many years to come.

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Brexit negotiations have thus far consumed the UK media, with MPs in various parties siding against one another over what has remained a contentious issue. May’s own governing party has seen a faction or two of dissenting MPs emerge, with several politicians recently having formed a separatist alliance in defiance of the handling of Brexit in recent weeks. This week’s vote will be a crucial one. With the eleventh hour very much underway, is there any way May can turn the situation around to appeal to the masses?

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