Tech Trends- Snowplow APP 01-21-16

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Published on January 21, 2016 -
Tech Trends- Snowplow APP 01-21-16

Tech Trends- Snowplow APP 01-21-16

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The northeast is bracing for a massive winter storm, set to hit the region friday.

The system is expected to impact travel, with slick, icy roads making for hazardous driving conditions.

Officials in pennsylvania are introducing a new app to help drivers track snowplows to find out which roads are clear.

Amanda vanallen reports.

Gearing up and getting ready ahead of a possible storm this weekend.

"just like any other storm we are prepping all of the equipment going over last minute touches.

Probably do some anti-icing before the storm, get some salt down on the road."

But unlike past winters, this year you can track penndot snow plows in your area to find out if state roads are safe to drive on.

During a storm, there's a combination of penndot and contracted trucks on the roads.

There are 64 trucks in total in berks county ... and about 20 have the tracking technology.

"we've equipped some of the trucks with tracking devices so the public can see where some of our trucks are and it also gives an option for a two hour cookie trail that you can see where the truck has been in the last two hours so they could kind of monitor some of our activity."

There are two ways to monitor the penndot plows, either online at 511pa.com or by downloading the free 511pa app.

To track the plows click traffic map, show legend, and then scroll down until you find the snow plow icon.

Then viola!

The active trucks in your area show up in real time.

"i would like to test it and see how it works."

"i might use it yeah, i don't live too far from my work or anything like that, but i am sure people or truck drivers and stuff like that, i would think would use it a lot."

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This morning we ask you know about uber, air b-n-b and spotify... but there's a new online concept being explored..

Clothing rentals.

Vinita nair is here with a woman stitching together her own success.

Vn i'm surprised by how many prints there are.

Ch i'm mean, that's perfect for rental, right?

So you're always going to buy and own your basics and your staples.

For rental, you want those things that you wear once or twice that are really noticeable that are more statement despite her knowledge of a woman's wardrobe- ceo christine hunsicker is the first to tell you she has never been interested in fashion.

She started gwynnie bee - which now operates out of this 150,000 square foot facility in ohio- after studying the numbers.

Ch: if you look at it simply from a financial perspective or from a business perspective, you've got 75% of the adult, female population is size ten or above//00:04:42:00 sixty-seven percent is size 14 or above.

And traditional retail has ignored and systematically underserved-- these women.

When she started the company five years ago, hunsicker ran it out of her manhattan apartment.

The steps of her staircase doubled as workspace - her dining room was the company's warehouse.

Vn: were you nervous though?

I mean, i think some people might say a formal dress is one thing, everyday clothing is a little-- ch yes.

Vn --ew.

Ch: yeah.


Look, i think that was our biggest concern.

There's this whole issue of will people rent clothing?

When you take a look and step back and say, "airbnb, you're renting your bed."

You could get no more of an intimate place than the bed in your home or sleeping in a stranger's bed and other companies are getting into the business of renting clothes and accessories.

Jt: ..the sharing economy began as something that millennials did, but it's actually a big part of the economy right now.

Jason tanz --editor at large at wired --says technology is driving cultural change.

Jt: we are seeing a big shift between buying something once to paying a subscription fee to access a whole category of things as her company has grown- hunsicker has developed her own methods for quality control.

That includes washing, drying, and pressing each garment -- and inspecting it at least three times before its packaged.

Ch we're looking for, umm, any kinds of defects, holes, rips, snags, things like that-anything that didn't get out in the cleaning process.

01:11:34 so every single garment has gone through, as you can see- vn: she's smelling it too!

Ch: yeah, absolutely.

I mean, we have to be, the clothing has to come in pristine condition, like new we wanted to test that - so we set up an account and randomly ordered some clothes.

They arrived looking and smelling new.

Jt: if you're renting, you know, you only access it when you need it and then everyone else can access it, as well.

You're splitting the cost amidst a lot of different customers so in a lot of ways it's a lot more efficient.

Ch: i think you've got an entire generation of people growing up now that are all about smarter utilization.

And looking at how can i make my dollar stretch further for experiences and less for things?

So far hunsicker says they have shipped more than three million boxes but she's pushing for more.

Vn: where do you want it to be?

Ch: we want it to be a place where-- managing a-- a rotating wardrobe is actually the way the majority of people-- interact with clothing.


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