NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 01.30.17

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Published on February 2, 2017 -
NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 01.30.17

NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 01.30.17

Good evening it's monday, january 30th.

Thank you for watching newssource8 at 6.

We have a lot coming your way this evening, but before we get to that lets check in with ted shapiro in the weather center.

Hi kelly and good evening everyone...it's not going to be a major storm, but i am tracking an area of low pressure that will spread snow into boston tomorrow afternoon and into portland in the pre-dawn hours of wednesday...what sort of impacts will we be looking at?

I'll let you know when i return shortly the legalization of marijuana means mainers can now legally use, possess, and grow cannabis.

But for some places right here in the county -- the new law doesn't mean a whole lot as they already have marijuana policies in place.

News source 8's katie zarrilli reports.

< a big change for the state of maine on monday -- as the growth and possession and use of recreational marijuana officially became legal.

But this doesn't mean everyone above age 21 is able to light up.

For starters, some businesses aren't budging on their policies that don't allow it.

Melissa hallett: "there's zero tolerance for drug use or alcohol use in driving a commercial motor vehicle."

Melissa hallett is the safety manager at big rock transportation.

The mars hill trucking company has always followed the department of transportation regulations and not allowed any of their 146 drivers to use marijuana.

Drivers are tested before their employment and at random from quarter to quarter.

Melissa hallett: "it can't happen.

Everyone deserves to be safe on the highway.

I don't think there's a company in the industry that hasn't had somebody test positive at some point..if it's a random test, it's an automatic termination, if it's a pre-employment test, we don't hire them."

Heading about 14 miles north of there -- the university of maine at presque isle has been a smoke free campus for more than three years now....and smoke free means marijuana free.

Coordinator of safety and security fred thomas expects students to inquire about what, if anything, legalizing marijuana, means to them.

Ft: "it's not allowed.

It's still illegal both to posess and to smoke or to have any use with it - that even falls under medical marijuana it's the same thing."

Thomas says students who get caught smoking or selling marijuana could lose their housing contract, be asked to leave the school, or even potentially expelled.

Ft: "we've had some activity around that in the past, recreational use, but this year so far it really hasn't been a major factor so far this year."

And from the star city's standpoint -- they're still figuring out what action they'll take.

Presque isle city manager says they're trying hard to take an educational approach.

Mp: "the truth is there's not a lot of examples of how to deal with recreational marijuana, other than prohibit it or put a moratorium on it."

A committee of state lawmakers that will work to implement the rules around legal marijuana will start this week.

The state has until february 2018 to craft rules about legalization.

Kz ns 8> our parent company gray television also has a zero tolerance marijuana policy.

### and gov.

Paul lepage is using an executive order to shift oversight of licensing and enforcement relating to legal marijuana.

Lepage sparred with state lawmakers about who should have authority over marijuana sales in the state.

He gave that authority to the bureau of alcoholic beverages and lottery operations today.

The order is an outgrowth of a disagreement lepage had with lawmakers last week about his desire to move oversight from the maine department of agriculture, conservation and forestry to the bureau of alcoholic beverages and lottery operations.

The governor says the alcoholic beverages bureau has expertise in managing retail sales, licensing and enforcement, and thus should have oversight.

### there were no injuries when a tractor trailer collided with another vehicle in washburn late this afternoon.

The collision happened on route 164, better known as the washburn road.

According to officer josh moreau of the washburn police department, elizabeth butler was driving a pontiac vibe from presque isle towards washburn.

Robert fox was driving a tractor trailer from castle hill and making a left turn towards washburn.

At a three light intersection, fox took a left towards washburn and overlooked her vehicle and ran into it.

There were no injuries.

Washburn police, fire department, and crown ambulance responded.

### fort fairfield is starting a new, economic driven program.

It is a municipal land incentive program.

It's purpose is to encourage economic development in the community.

Using town-owned property, this program wants to get developers to locate their business in the town.

The business would need to meet certain benchmarks and the town owned property would be transferred to the developer.

The town has identified one location to start the program.

The land is located right off of high street in town.

### < it doesn't generate any tax revenue, and if nobody knows it's something that could be purchased and developed.

It really doesn't do us any good, so it was really a situation where we really think that this is a high value property and to put it back in use, get somebody to put a business there and employ some people and put it back on the tax rolls would really benefit the town, and it would kind of be at the wash of that purchase price.

So that's really what we did.> interested business developers are encouraged to contact the town's economic development office to find out more information on the project.

### the city of presque isle is looking for active community members.

A number seats have opened up on different city boards.city manager martin puckett says the city is looking for diversity.

He says they will accept applications from any age and background.

### <get engaged in the community because you get your voice you allow your voice to be heard.

So a lot of times i hear people complain about the way things are done well this is their opportunity to make a significant difference in what they do.> a difference martin adds that will make the city a better place to live and work.

Current boards with openings include the planning board, the board of assessment review and the downtown revitalization committee.

If you are interested in joining one of these boards you can find applications at the city office or online on the city website.

### people gathered over the weekend to end homelessness for veterans in the county.

More than a half a dozen groups that work with veterans came together to form a collaboration.

According to john deveau the president for the united veterans of maine, homelessness is the biggest issue veterans in the county are facing.

### < for 2015 the statistic's we received, there was 22 veteran's in aroostook county that were homeless.

This is information that was entered into the homeless management system that hud tracks, of those 22, six of them received services here in aroostook county, 16 did not.> it was those 16 veterans that sparked the plan to build a veterans shelter.

The organization is working to renovate the old phil's florist on the washburn road.

They plan to turn it in to the farm of hope and to have their main offices open in april.

### for your monday evening laugh -- check out who visited a canadian tire store in grand falls this morning!


A resident caught video of these three deer escaping the store today.

Bertrand beaulieu posted that the deer nearly ran him down before entering the store!

The video he captured also shows their quick escape!

There's no word yet on how the deer actually got inside the store!

He also got video of the damage done inside the store.


### more to come, ted's got sharply colder air in his forecast...he'll let you know when it will arrive.

But first, shawn cunningham, talks heart disease in this weeks medical monday.

Stay tuned!

### according to the american heart association, heart disease remains the no.

1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths every year.

That's approximately one woman per minute!

But in this week's medical monday, shawn cunningham talks to one doctor who dolls important advice to keep you heart smart.

<track 1 take heart.

Heart disease is still the number one killer of women in the u.s. dr. carl flynn m.d.

Pines health services "heart disease is the number one disease to kill people in north america and more women actually die of heart disease than men and that's a fact that not many people realize.

Shawn cunningham no standup but dr. flynn says with some insight and good practice more women can be more heart smart instead of a fatal casualty to heart disease.

Flynn "watch our cholesterol watch our blood pressure trying to prevent ourselves from becoming diabetic in ways that we have control watch our weight try not to live a sedentary lifestyle try to get out there and be as active as possible."

And heart healthy consumption is key, simply put a diet rich in heart healthy foods... flynn "the one thing we hear a lot about is fish and omega 3 fatty acids in addition to that fruits vegetables grains nuts different types of fibers like oatmeal bran are good for you there are some studies that show that red wine is good for your heart as well.... finally dr. flynn says for people who call the county home, there is an extra issue to be aware of when it comes to heart health.... flynn "there are certain things that cause heart disease that we know high blood pressure causes heart disease high cholesterol causes heart disease diabetes a sedentary lifestyle and then genetics we can control all of those except genetics in this area french canadian heritage seems to be strongly linked to heart disease high cholesterol and other types of heart disease.

But he says if you follow the healthy lifestyle guidelines including checking in with your primary care provider as issues arise, women are more likely to be heart healthy.

Shawn cunningham, ns 8.> ### <almanac> <comps> <2shot> <chroma key> here's a caribou snow season check up...still more than a foot and a half above normal ###### 7 day temp tracker shows the cold air coming this weekend ###### ted- lines..scattered evening snow showers...a few slick spots...a general snowfall will approach wednesday...not a major storm ###### current condition in caribou on your screen ###### and now temps around the region ##### a regional look at temps shows colder air to our west...it will come calling late week ####### doppler shows a few snow showers around...not as heavy as the ones yesterday ##### let's have a look at the general snow coming midweek...winter weather advisory has been isnowing in portland by the am rush on wednesday....then that snow will approach our area during the afternoon..... ##### let's take a closer look...note the snow will just be entering southern areaa late morning...but i think it won't start to make it to the ground until the afternoon....this only looks like an inch or two in our area...but enough to create region wide slippery roads ###### on to the forecast ###### tonight...scattered evening snow showers...not as heavy as last evening's were....a few slick spots....lows around normal...1 above...light nw winds ###### tomorrow....beautif ul final day of january...highs in the upper teens....brightest in the afternoon...light winds ###### tomorrow night....clear in the evening then some clouds...with clear skies we should be able to see the crescent moon and venus together...lows around 2 below...light se winds ###### looking ahead.... ###### wednesday....after noon and night light snow....if heading downstate you will encounter it earlier.....slippery start thursday...highs around 20.....turning sharply colder thursday night....cold weather friday through sunday....possible snow on monday...one we need to watch!

<chroma key> <2shot> <sports 2shot> back in action today.

For a classic meet hosted by fort fairfield and held at the nodic heritage center.

Max bartley of presque isle continued his great season he picked up another win today.

He finished the 5 k race in a time of 16:42.

He finsihed a minute and four seconds ahead of david roy of fort kent.

Bryce coffin of caribou ended up third.

Fort kent picked up the team title ending with 21 piotns and cariobu was just four points back.

And in the girls action isabelle jandreau of madawaska picked up a seven second win over izzy jackson of presque isle.

Jandreau finished in a time of 19:02, dolcie tanguay of fort kent ended up third.

The caribou girls picked up the team win placing five skiers in the top ten.

Fort kent was second.

Ashland, mssm and fort fairfield also competed.

The presque isle girls are right back to work tongiht playing their third game since friday this evening girls fort kent at presque isle cahs at washburn fort fairfield at katahdin boys wisdom at easton boys and girls recapping weekend action presque isle 71 vs ellsworth 51 fort kent 52 at woodland 51 houlton 47 at old town 46 mount desert island 80 at caribou 38 hodgdon 58 vs shead 45 southern aroostook 79 at ashland 41 washburn 52 at limestone 43 girls basketball presque isle 41 vs ellsworth 30 madawaska 52 vs fort fairfield 33 woodland 42 vs fort kent 32 mount desert island 56 at caribou 44 shead 41 at hodgdon 30 county cheering squads had a lot of success at the regioanl cheering championships in bangor on saturday.

The cahs panthers continue with their dominance in class d.

The panthers finished with 62.8 points.

That was good enough for a 2 point win over pvhs.

The panthers improved by almost 10 points over their performance in the aroostook league championship a week earlier.

The panthers weren't able to hold practices for a couple of days because of weather, but they put it all together on thursday evening at their first practice in almost a week.

On saturday they nailed their performance and won oather regional title.

< :" we finally realized it was time to work as a family.

We pulled together as a team and that is what we did.

We wanted it more than any other team."> vo continues:"the panthers head to the states where they have won the last three states and 8 of the last 9.

The houlton shiretowners finished as class c runners up.

They finished with 66.2 9 tenths of a point behind the central red devils.

The previos week houlton captured aroostook league and pvc championships.

The will now compete in two weeks in the state championships in augusta.

Also qualifying in class c the presque isle wildcats finished 5th in class b and are one of six north schools to advance.

In class d the fort fairfield tigers also advanced with a fourth place finish.

State cheering titles are set for february 11th in augusta.we will have more with the state qualfiiers over the next couple of weeks.

The annual long lake ice fishing derby continues to get bigger and bigger over 1000 anglers took part in the event.

Winners in the various categories were greg cousins of mars hill for largest salmon, , harold mckenna of windsor for the largest togue, paul gagnon of fort kent caught the largest brook trout, harold cyr of st david caught the largest muskie.

John lebeouf of portland won the cusk category and sabrina peletier of edmundston won the perch division.

Also trvis collins of agagtha caugth the most perch 553.

The youth divisions winners were kadent mcdougal of caribou in the brook trout category, ryan l"italien jr in the togue division and sam dufresne of st david in the salmon division.

This is the 12th annual ice fishing derby.

Two county younsters have captured elks hoops shoot titles.

Faith sjoberg of presque isle who won the national championship last year picked up another win.

She made 23 of 25 to pick up the win in her age group.

Brayden castonguay of washburn also won his age group making 21 of 25.

The two will now advance to the new englands which will be held in march.

Chandlre guerrette

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