2017-7-12 6PM

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2017-7-12 6PM

2017-7-12 6PM

Alcoa will be investing more than 30 million dollars to get part of its warrick smelter back up and running.

Good evening, welcome to 44news at 6 - i'm amanda decker.

And i'm eli roberts.

The company plans on adding 275 jobs back to three pot lines.

That move is expected to have a major economic impact.

44news reporter lauren leslie is here with reaction from warrick county... lauren?

Eli and amanda, in january 2016 -- alcoa announced operations at the warrick smelter would end due to market conditions.

A little more than a year later - partial production will resume and 275 positions need to be filled.

Ron bacon says, "we're the number one manufacturing state in the country...."

Lightweight metals mogul alcoa is proving that - by re-investing in the hoosier state.

The global company announced it will be re-opening part of its warrick county smelter just a year after it was shut down due to a downturn in the aluminum industry.

In january 2016 -- the company released a statement saying "we're confident that these actions are the right ones in the face of these challenging market conditions."

The announcement sparked outrage amongst an estimated 600 employees who were put on the chopping block.

But just a year later -- the same smelter that caused heated reaction -- will be re-opening for production.

Shari sherman says, "you just do not hear of that anywhere, of shutting one down and then restarting it.

But i think they really looked at the value and we have a strong workforce here and alcoa was putting out excellent product and i think in the very near future we're going to see american made aluminum coming out of here."

Alcoa will get up to 2.4 million dollars in conditional tax credits and up to 100 thousand dollars in training grants.

More than 200 united steel workers of the local 104 are still out of a job after the smelter closed last march.

Economic leaders in the county are hoping some of them can benefit in more ways than one with alcoa's good news .

Ron bacon says, "the cost of doing business here the work force, everything is here and this is the best place for them to do it, so they are re-investing their money here versus taking it somewhere else."

The process to restart three of the five potlines at alcoa's warrick corporation will begin immediately - and be finished by spring 2018.

Lauren leslie 44news.

A man who pleaded guilty to three counts of robbery will spend the next 28-years behind bars.

Gary whittington junior and his son robbed two c-s-x workers at gunpoint... ...and stole their vehicle back in january.

A judge handed down that sentence this morning in vanderburgh circuit court.

Also in vanderburgh county --- albert falls will spend the next eight years behind bars -- 2-and-a-half years will served on probation.

In july of last year, falls was caught breaking into an apartment on vann park circle in evansville.

He tried to escape -- and that led to a police chase that ended with falls hitting evansville family dentistry.

Falls was found guilty of aggravated battery and resisting law enforcement.

In edwards county -- troopers say a distracted driver is to blame for a crash that sent two people to the hospital with.

It happened around 11:45 tuesday night on illinois route one - north of route 130.

Priscilla sears of carmi was driving - when police say she became distracted by a kid in the back seat.

Her car crossed the center line and hit a truck with a semi-trailer.

She and another adult passenger were sent to a local hospital.

The child was not injured.

Sears was later cited for improper lane change.

A rockport man is facing multiple counts for child molestation - and is set to go before a judge friday.

That will be his first hearing after being taken into custody this week.

Police arrested william clark of rockport on monday after an investigation that started back in may.

Police say a child tipped off workers at holly's house in evansville that clark had allegedly touched three children inappropriately earlier that month.

Police worked with the indiana department of child services for several months, and eventually decided to arrest and charge clark this week.

Clark was arrested at his home without incident, and is now staying at the spencer county jail.

Clark faces felony level charges for his alleged behavior.

Chief meteorologist chad evans is here with a first look at the forecast.

A few spotty t'storms are possible tonight with muggy lows in the mid 70s, followed by sun clouds tomorrow with scattered t'storms possible highs near 94.

Heat indices will reach near 100.

A few t'storms are possible tomorrow night with some scattered t'storms friday with best coverage over western kentucky.

Highs will reach near 91 with heat indices to 98.

The weekend looks dry with sunshine, some clouds highs 85-91 87-92 sunday lower humidity.

Overnight lows look cooler at 62-66 sunday morning 66-71 monday morning.

Next week looks largely dry with 88-93 to start the week before highs rise to 93-98 by late next week.

Lows will run in the 68-75 range.

The state of illinois is preparing for that possible tax increase that's been the heart of controversy over the past few weeks.

The illinois department of revenue sent out detailed information to h-r departments across the state... they're outlining exactly how much will need to be withheld from paychecks.

The tax hike is retro active to july 1st of this year.

It includes a jump from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent for individuals.

But for companies - they would see their rates increase to 7-percent from 5.25.

The henderson city board of commissioners made some changes to a smoking ordinance that applies to the henderson county jail.

Last night (tue), jail guard amy brady requested that the jail... ...be exempted from a portion of the ordinance that includes vapors.

Jail officials ?only?

Want inmates to be allowed to use e-cigs made specificially for jails in the living quarters.

Otherwise, the center is smoke free.

Agriculture education group -- farm bureau is working to educate non-farm leaders in warrick county.

The group hosted an informational event at mosbey farms. the event took place in chandler - and brought area leaders and local farmers together.

Dozens of people were on site to learn about the transformation of modern farming through technology.

The presentation focused on the importance and economic impact of modern agriculture.

Mike moesner says, "evey year there is more and more people to feed, clothe, fuel...producing fuel and things like that and agriculture has to change to be able to meet those demands.

And we're trying to use all the technology that we can to improve our yields, improve the quality of the food that we grow and the safety of the food."

Farm bureau showed how the latest technology is being used in farming with a drone simulation.

Representatives with warrick county farm bureau say they hope have the informational event annually.

We've heard about blood donations dropping -- even reaching critical levels in indiana.

Now, a life-saving mission in posey county to help get blood to the men and women in blue.

How you can help - coming up.

And, one of our very own evansville otters is making his weight on the diamond a presence.

He's topping the players in our region in one very impressive way.

The honor he's getting, next on 44-news at six.

The american red cross calling for an emergency need for blood donations.

Blood drives across the region are helping out -- getting as many pints as possible.

But a blood drive in posey county is looking out for a special group that may be in need.

At the mount vernon american legion -- blood donations were collected as part of the indiana fallen officer blood drive.

While the blood may not be going to law officers specifically - the national law enforcement officer memorial says law enforcement fatalities are up 31 percent this year.

Tom latham says: "this is a great community and we've got great people in this comminity throught the entire really tri-state area and so this was an opportunity for us to work with the pbulic in efforts to get that donation increased.

For more info on blood drives around the tri-state visit our website w-e-v-v dot com.

It's that time of the month again.

D-patrick ford is giving back that monthly check to the community... ...this time giving youth first a helping hand.

D-patrick has been putting aside 10-dollars for every new ford that gets test drove.

This month, that added up to 25-hundred dollars.

D-patrick gave the money today to officials at youth first.

The organization partners nearly sixty schools throughout the region to help kids stay off drugs and learn about responsible behavior.

All of that work doesn't come cheap.

We have a lot of expenses -- a budget of 4-million dollars a year, so every little bit helps.

We are so appreciative of every donation that comes our way.

Youth first also helps kids outside of the classroom -- putting on afterschool programs for kids -- and even some adults.

For more information on how you can support youth first, head to our website, wevv.com.

He's been doing some serious scoring on the diamond -- and now he's taking home a big prize.

Evansville otters outfielder jeff gardner won the 2017 frontier league home run derby.

His 14 home runs were just enough to give him the edge.

The contest took place in slammers stadium in joliet illinois last night.

Gardner is one of seven otters playing in the "frontier league all-star game" tonight at silver cross field in joliet.

The otters will travel to gateway friday for the first game of a three-game weekend series.

It's official -- today was the hottest day of the year, and tonight we can definitely expect more muggy weather throughout the tri-state.

Chief meteorologist chad evans is here with a look at what's ahead in the full forecast.

Wx tease :15 a few spotty t'storms are possible tonight with muggy lows in the mid 70s, followed by sun clouds tomorrow with scattered t'storms possible highs near 94.

Heat indices will reach near 100.

A few t'storms are possible tomorrow night with some scattered t'storms friday with best coverage over western kentucky.

Highs will reach near 91 with heat indices to 98.

The weekend looks dry with sunshine, some clouds highs 85-91 87-92 sunday lower humidity.

Overnight lows look cooler at 62-66 sunday morning 66-71 monday morning.

Next week looks largely dry with 88-93 to start the week before highs rise to 93-98 by late next week.

Lows will run in the 68-75 range.

Tyra buss and jackie young will be representing the u-s in japan.

And central grad dylan meyer talks about making his p-g-a tour debut at the john deere classic that airs next in sports harrison high school does not have an athletic director after bryan speer has stepped down that's what sources have said to 44news 44news has also learned speer will be a realtor for fc tucker emge in evansville.

Citing personal reasons, speer announced his resignation as the head boys basketball coach in march 2016.

He posted a 140-66 record in nine seasons leading the warriors.

We'll have more details tonight on 44-news at 9 and 10 just a few short weeks ago, central grad dylan meyer made the cut in his first professional golf event at the lincoln land charity championship.

This week is a little different the john deere classic is the first p-g-a tour event for the upcoming illinois senior, who is playing on a sponsor exemption against some of the top players in the world.

The nerves are obviously there, that's not taking away from meyer going for it all this weekend.

Dylan: yeah, there's nerves.

But, i expect to be here.

This is kind of the moments i've been wanting to look forward to.

I'm excited to be in this position.

You can look at it too much as wow this is a pga event.

You just have to prepare for it like it's another tournament and do the best you can.

Catch coverage of meyer at the john deere classic through sunday on 44news and online on wevv.com a few indiana high school football players across the tri-state are repping their high school jerseys which they would only put on for the north south all-star game which is set for friday at north central high school in indianapolis boonville's camdon cartwright is the first pioneer to make the roster in 17 years... which is a huge accomplishment for the running-back camdon: it feels great.

We haven't had a north south all-star in 17 years, so it feels great to represent boonville.


Carmel's tyra buss and princeton's jackie young are invited to u-s-a basketball women's under-23 team training camp.

The team will play the four nations tournament in tokyo they will compete for a roster spot on the u-s olympic training center in colorado springs buss averaged 18 points and 5 assists per game last season at indiana university.

Young has wrapped up her freshman season at notre dame.

The princeton grad is the state's all-time scoring leader among boys and girls high school hoops you lose a wallet or a purse -- sometimes it's safe to assume you'll never get it back.

But one woman in south carolina got quite the surprise -- definitely after she thought her purse would never be found.

Her amazing story, next.

I was devastated.

I was crying because i knew it was gonna be a lot of work trying to cancel my credit cards, my license, but the main thing was my little boy was 15-months old and all his pictures were in there.

No doubt that woman had long forgotten about her purse.

That's not because the things she had inside weren't important -- but because she lost it more than two decades ago back in 1992!

You can imagine her surprise when this week when a fisherman found her purse lying near the lake.

When he checked out the bag, he couldn't believe it: he knew the woman whose i-d's were inside.

So he gave her a call, and ended up returning the purse with nearly everything in tact.

Thanks for joining us on 44news at 6.

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