NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 05.19.17

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Published on August 26, 2018 -
NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 05.19.17

NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 05.19.17

Good eve filling in for kelly o'mara who has the night off.

A lot coming your way this evening on newssource8 at 6, but lets first check in with anthony macari who's also filling in for ted shapiro tonight..so anthony, are the cooler temperatures we saw today here to stay?

### well isaac it was going to be tough to match the 80s and 90s we saw yesterday, so yes, going forward, upper 50s and 60s will be the story for the next several days.

A strong cold front moved through the area from north to south this morning, so for many of us the warmest part of the day was this morning.

High pressure is building in at the moment, which means clearing conditions and even the potential for patchy frost in low lying areas tonight.

I'll have all that and what to expect for the weekend coming up.

Back to you isaac!

Today senator susan collins sat down with our washington d.c.

Bureau to discuss her stance on the appointment of former fbi director robert mueller as special counsel.

Mueller was appointed by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to oversee the department of justice's investigation into russia's attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

The other night we told you that collins was happy with the decision and feels mueller is more than qualified to handle the job.

Collins also gave her own opinions on how she feels the investigation is being handled at this time.

### <"i am happy with the pace of the investigation now, i thought that our senate investigation was a little slow starting up but now we've really hit our stride."> senators collins sits on the intelligence committee.

### the town of van buren has chosen a new town manager.

Nancy troeger will be taking over the position.

The former manager, dan mcclung announced his resignation last week.

Troeger is currently the town clerk and works at the library.

She will officially begin as town manager at the beginning of july.

### a 26-year-old perth-andover man has been charged with a break-in and the theft of firearms. on april 25, police responded to a residence in perth-andover which had been broken into and had seven firearms stolen.

On may 8th a residence in clearview, n.b., was broken into by a man armed with a firearm.

He was arrested, and taken into custody.

20 year old mackenzie o'keefe is charged with numerous offences in relation to this incident.

The police investigation determined that the firearm used in the break in was one of those which had been stolen from perth- andover.

This information led to the arrest of the 26-year-old jordan rideout of perth- andover.

Rideout appeared in woodstock provincial court today and was charged with a number of firearm charges.

Today rideout waived his bail hearing and was remanded into custody.

He will appear in court again on may 30th.

Mackenzie o'keefe will appear in court again on may 31.

Police are continuing to investigate and are attempting to determine the whereabouts of the six other stolen firearms. ### today was a ground breaking day for the extension of fish river health medical clinic in fort kent.

The 3.1 million dollar project will bring together services to better serve the community.

News source 8's ashley blackford has more.

< "fish river has undergone a dramatic transformation."

Vo: and that transformation continued today, as staff from fish river rural health and community members gathered to break ground on the health centers new expansion.

"so it will be a co- located idea.

Right now our patients in fort kent we have two separate buildings, so you have to drive .3 miles between our two buildings so it's not that convenient."

Vo: heather pelletier is executive director of fish river rural health.

She says this expansion has been a long time coming.

"we started working on this project in 2015 and so to be in 2017 it's just long awaited and its' wonderful."

"we've decided to make this announcement today, it's an announcement of an award of 1 million, 350 thousand dollars in direct loan money to fish river."

Vo: tommy higgins is acting state director for usda rural development.

He says this funding will go towards building a 10 thousand 660 square foot extension that will put all of fish rivers health care services under one roof.

"to include things like family health, obstetrics, optometry, counselling, mental health counseling, substance abuse counselling and it allows all of those to be located in one facility which basically serves the entire area of the saint john valley."

Vo: construction on the expansion is expected to be completed in july of 2018.

Ab ns8> ### caribou could see a new recreational area as soon as this fall.

News source 8's connor cyrus was at the site with gary marquis, caribous superintendent of parks and recreation to hear the vision of this potential project.

< i can envision it in my head what it's going to look like it's a project that at this phase requires a little imagination.

We are going to build a deck around the foundation, is what the hopes are for the past couple of years the town has been looking at this property as a potential spot for a new recreation area.

With the land transfer, we really started ramping up on trying to get this property developed for another recreational spot in town.

Marquis see's this as a new destination area for people to fish, picnic, and take pictures.

He says it will be invaluable for the city of caribou.

There are still a couple more steps he needs to take before the project can officially move forward.

I'm going to go to the council and get permission to go forward with the project, hopefully if everything is a yes at the council level then the trees that we see here are going to be taken out, we are going to repair erosion problems, start building the deck, and fix the parking lot.

There are no officials numbers of cost at this point but the money the town gained from selling their land has been put into a fund to help pay for the project.

When its rushing really hard after runoff, or a big rainstorm or rain event.

It's pretty impressive.

I just think there's some nice potential here.

In caribou, connor cyrus, news source 8> marquis has not heard any negative comments about this potential project... so he is confident this project will go forward.

### a county high school captured a first place win at the kleinschmidt windstorm challenge.

Caribou high school students were among the 380 students who participated in the kleinschmidt windstorm challenge.

The science, technology, engineering and math driven event was held today at the university of maine.

Members of the winning teams could receive internships at composites center worth $20,000.

### a campaign to encourage motorists to buckle up begins next week.

Click it or ticket is a two week joint effort between maine state police and other law enforcement agencies.

The campaign will focus on the importance of seat belt use.

According to the u.s. department of transportation, more than 9800 passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2015 were not wearing their seat belts.

The click it or ticket enforcement runs from may 22nd to june 4th.

### more to come, anthony has a look at the cool temperatures and sunshine to come.

But first, main street in ashland is looking a lot different these days.

We'll explain next.

Stay tuned!

### in ashland lately you will find it looks very different than it did just a few weeks ago.

Major renovation has been taking place to their downtown.

News source 8 reporter sarah duncan has more.

<just a few weeks ago main street in ashland looked like this.

But it now looks like this.

The buildings behind me were demolished as part of a plan to beautify the downtown of ashland.

It's sometimes hard for people to see some of the old buildings they remember from their youth gone but they had no use anymore.

They were dilapidated.

One of those buildings was known as the seeley building.

It's had a lot of uses over the years.

I understand it was a store at one time and an apartment building and it's had several changes over the long life of the building and the other was a garage.

The town received a grant to perform an environmental assessment on the buildings.

Once we got the environmental assessment the owners contracted with a local contractor to have them demolished.

Dwyer says they are hopeful it will promote more economic development to that area.

One of the owners is going to be building a little farm stand to sell his goods there and the other one i suspect will go up for sale.

Other parts of main street will also be benefiting from a separate grant.

$150,000 will be used to improve the facades of other businesses in ashland.

We're going to be fixing up the fronts of the buildings you know the ones that have some need for repair.

Buildings like the one stop, sullivan's garage and arts appliance.

That is all on main street we have the restaurant on exchange street and the convenience store on exchange street who will be getting some work done.

An ashland area economic development committee has been formed to look at how they can attract businesses to the route 11 corridor.

We have 11 mills currently on the route 11 corridor and one of the concerns that we needed to address was the looks of the town as you drove through it.

And they're not stopping here.

He has many more plans in the works that he will release in the future.

For news source 8 i'm sarah duncan.> ### <almanac> <comps> <2shot> <chroma key> temperatures will fluctuate above and below normal the next several days, but nowhere near the 90 heat from yesterday.

Chilly tonight, with patchy frost developing.

Strong sunshine for much of saturday, with more rain on the way next week.

Dropping temperatures at the moment, but it's still quite windy out there with gusts up to 25mph.

Satellite and radar shows the cloud cover that has remained in place across the region, along with a few spotty showers.

A cold front moved through the morning, but didn't bring much precipitation.

It did change our air mass completely, though!

Temperatures range from the 40s to upper 50s, but since the front still lies across the state, southern maine is still in the 70s!

Dew points have dropped right along with the temperatures, down into the 30s and 40s where the humidity is no longer detectable.

Winds are cranking out of the northwest, a stark change in direction that is ushering in an area of high pressure, which means clearing conditions with time.

The weather predictor shows the clouds slowing starting to clear out tonight, leaving us with abundant sunshine for your saturday.

A few higher-level clouds are possible here and there, but they won't take away from the day too much.

Sunday morning has sunshine as well, so a nice two-day stretch coming up.

Cloud only just start to approach from the west later sunday afternoon.

Tonight, mid 30s with clearing clouds over time.

Patchy frost is possible in low lying areas.

Tomorrow, upper 50s with a strong sun alongside cool and windy conditions.

Tomorrow night, mid 30s with patchy frost yet again under a clear sky.

7-day remains dry for the weekend, and warms up some for sunday.

Periods of showers monday, with the heaviest precipitation monday night into tuesday.

Wednesday might begin and end with showers, but overall it's a dry and warmer day under high pressure.

Rain returns for thursday, with scattered showers continuing next friday.

This time traveling to st agatha and a meeting with wisdom very windy on the hill bottom of the first.

Ben michaud tries to bunt his way on, but josh soucy comes off the mound and fields it and throws michad out at first base.... what a difference a day as fans had to bundle up again because of the cold and windy conditions.

In other baseball and softball washburn at east grand tennis fort kent at madawaska the county track and fireld champions have been crowned.

A quick recap of the action.


Great day for a meet and joining the wildcats were caribou, houlton, fort kent, fort fairfield, hodgdon, lcs/mssm, washburn, and ghca.

Both caribou teams took home the team crowns.

The girls scored 282 points and the boys had 207.5.

The individual crowns went to tori koch of presque isle with her 32.5 points and jonah daigle of fort fairfield for scoring 40.

Koch won the long jump, the 100 and 400, and was on the winning 4x400 team.

For daigle he won the 110 and 300 hurdles, long jump and high jump.

The 12u maine lumberjacks girls basketball team has qualified the zero gravity national tournament in boston.

This is the third year in a row the group has gone to nationals.

The tournament will be held the first weekend of june and isaac luken tells us that the team had a different approach to preparing for nationals.

<aau basketball players in aroostook county will always have to travel far to play.

"some people call us crazy, but this is vacation for my family.

We like nothing better than spending time together playing basketball."

The lumberjacks team will be playing in maine this weekend, something that hasn't happened yet this season.

"these parents from caribou are traveling seven or eight hours one way for these tournaments.

We're playing in massachusetts and new hampshire and any where in between."

The combination of travel and basketball has made the lumberjacks a close knit group.

"it's honestly amazing.

We love going there as a team, we win and lose as a team.

And not just on the basketball playing, just hanging out on free time."

"it's fun to get out of the state to play more competition.

It's a little bit of travel, but i think in the end it's worth it."

The team has put in the miles just to practice together.

"we practice from presque isle high school, caribou, fort fairfield, and southern aroostook high school.

So it's not only tournaments, kids are traveling an hour, hour and a half just to practice twice a week.

It gets a little tougher in the spring when tennis and softball start and little league."

The lumberjacks have even played in older divisions to prepare for nationals.

"it'll be different playing against more competition, but i think it will all be better for our futures so we can get that extra boost up and be good in the county too."

"we've definitely gotten better.

We've played more aggressive teams and have been more aggressive.

We've been practicing harder."

Speed will be the key as the team will try to bring a national championship back to aroostook county.

"we try and go as fast as we can.

We're not the biggest team, we're always the smallest team.

There's not a lot of size in the county right now, but there is a lot of speed, there's a lot of smart, and we're quick.

We try to get up and down as quick as we can."> austin theriault will be back in action again this weekend the arca points leader will be competing for the first time ever at toledo speedway in ohio.

Theriault has one win and four top five finishes in the four races so far this season.

He has a 65 poitn lead in the season point standings.

The race is set for sunday afternoon.

- the cleveland cavaliers try for a 13th straight playoff win when they take on the celtics tonight in game 2 of the eastern conference finals in boston.

Despite cleveland's dominating performance in wednesday's opener, lebron james says he wasn't at his best and he expects to play better tonight.

A loss tonight would also leave boston with the daunting proposition of having to win four out of five games to take the series, starting with games 3 and 4 in cleveland.

Since james returned to cleveland in 2014-15, the cavaliers have a 33-4 playoff record against eastern conference opponents.

The pittsburgh penguins will give goalie matt murray his first start of the playoffs in game 4 of the eastern conference final tonight in ottawa.

Coach mike sullivan announced the decision a few hours before the game.

Murray replaced marc-andre fleury in the first period of a one-sided game 3 loss on wednesday after the 32-year-old fleury allowed four goals on nine shots.

Murray stopped 19 of 20 shots in 47 minutes.

Pittsburgh forwards bryan rust, patric hornqvist and tom kuhnhackl and defenseman justin schultz have been ruled out for game 4 with injuries.

The nhl could be headed for a record number of games decided by one goal this season.

- kentucky derby winner always dreaming is taking heavy action in early wagering for this weekend's preakness.

The 4-5 favorite on the morning line, always dreaming opened at 1-5 when advance betting began this afternoon.

Arkansas derby winner classic empire was second at 5-1.

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