Gubernatorial candidate stops in north Iowa

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Published on August 28, 2018 -

Gubernatorial candidate stops in north Iowa

Fred Hubbell met with voters to answer questions at an event at LD's Filling Station in Mason City.


Gubernatorial candidate stops in north Iowa

Candidates running for governor in iowa made a stop in mason city this afternoon.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens is live at l-d's filling station where fred hubbell spoke with constituents.

Alex what can you tell us?xxx hubbell in town-lintro-3 amy - mason city was one of two stops the hubbell camp made in north iowa today.

Hubbell in town-lintro-2 here constituents asked questions regarding issues important to them - and the people i spoke with say that with the way the current political climate is... it's more important more than ever to head to the polls.xxx hubbell in town-pkg-1 lowerthird2line:hubbell visits north iowa mason city, ia mary beth greenan is a life-long progressive democratic iowan.

Going into this election season...she has many issues she believes in.

Lowerthird2line:mary beth greenan mason city, ia "there's the minimum wage issue, there's health care, there's mental health.

Education is huge, my husband teaches, and the collective bargaining being stripped, public safety, my dad was police chief here in mason city..."

Lowerthird2line:hubbell visits north iowa mason city, ia she's been to every candidate forum that has been held in mason city this year...and came to today's session to ask questions and hear what fred hubbell had to say.

She believes that looking at both sides is key.

"to be a whole community, you need to be progressive, you need to look at both sides, need to be bi partisan and how you look at things."

Casey castaner finds herself more in the middle of the political spectrum... but also noticed an increase in bi- partisanship within the current political climate.

Lowerthird2line:casey castaner clear lake, ia "well, we're gonna think this way, we're gonna stay thinking this way, but that other side could have a very good point and a good idea.

And just because you're basically saying they're not one of us, they won't listen to em, they're ruining the country."

Lowerthird2line:hubbell visits north iowa mason city, ia both castaner and greenan stress that whatever side you favor... it's important to get out and vote.

"my ancestors came over from czechoslovakia, ireland and norway, and that's the one thing they always taught us as little kids.

I don't care what ever it is you do, vote."

"we consider a right, but it's not a right.

It's a privilege.

It can be taken away from you and it's something that you should make sure to go out and have your voice heard."

/ hubbell in town-ltag-2 hubbell is one of 9 people running for governor in iowa... including incumbent kim reynolds - who is the only republican on the ballot after former cedar rapids mayor ron corbett was found to be 8 signatures short from the number required to declare for next month's primary.

Live in mason city... alex jirgens... kimt news 3.

/ thank you alex.

The primary for the gubernatorial candidates will be held on june 5th.


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