Kavanaugh fight, ammo for GOP candidates

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Published on October 2, 2018 - Duration: 02:05s

Kavanaugh fight, ammo for GOP candidates

Republicans are hoping the fight over Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh will give them a much needed boost as they head into next month's elections.

Andy Sullivan has more.


Kavanaugh fight, ammo for GOP candidates

Public support for President Trump's supreme court pick is slipping as the FBI looks into allegations of sexual misconduct.

But Brett Kavenaugh's scorched earth confirmation battle may pay political dividends for Republicans as they try to keep their hold on the Senate in next month's elections.

(STAND-UP) (English) ANDY SULLIVAN, POLITICS REPORTER, SAYING: "I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington…where Republicans are seeing a clear trend… Kavanaugh's tumultuous confirmation battle is galvanizing GOP voters who think a good man is being unfairly smeared -- especially in the handful of states that will determine which party controls the Senate next year." New opinion polls show more Americans now oppose Kavanaugh than support him nationwide -- but his support is RISING among Republican voters.

That's could help Republican Senate candidates like Marsha Blackburn..

Who Trump campaigned for in Tennessee Monday night….as she battles in a close race with popular former governor Rick Bredesen… The surged in GOP enthusiasm from the Supreme Court fight could making life difficult for DEMOCRATIC senators like Heidi Heitkamp, who's seeking re-election in conservative North Dakota.

She's facing a stiff challenge from Republican Kevin Cramer.

A new batch of polls show voters in the state SUPPORT Kavanaugh -- and conservative groups are amping up the pressure -- running TV ads urging her to vote yes on his nomination.

Similar ads are running in deep-red West Virginia, where Democrat Joe Manchin is running for re-election.

(STAND-UP) (English) ANDY SULLIVAN, POLITICS REPORTER, SAYING: "Democrats almost certainly need to win these three races in Tennessee, North Dakota, and West Virginia ..

To take back the Senate in November and the Kavanaugh confirmation battle could be hurting their chances -- most Democratic senators have already said they're going to vote no -- but Heitkamp and Manchin face a much tougher choice -- if they vote to confirm Kavanaugh, he's almost certainly headed to the Supreme Court.

If they vote no, they could lose their seats -- and ensure that Republicans remain in control of the Senate."

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