Wednesday Morning Sprint

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Published on January 16, 2019 -

Wednesday Morning Sprint

Temperatures are forecasted to fall into the 20s with some sunshine in the mix.

Gas prices are expected to start rising.

Wisconsin is one of the worst states in the country for racial equality, according to a new study.

That leads off today's Morning Sprint.


Wednesday Morning Sprint

It's 6:5, time for the morning sprint.

We started the day near the forecasted high.

Haddie expects temperatures to fall into the 20's with some sunshine in the mix.

Christina lorey has the details on a study that says wisconsin is one of the worst states in the country for racial equality.

And josh spreiter says you should get ready to pay more at the pump.

But we start here in madison ... where a jury will continue their deliberations after a 12-hour day with no verdict... in the murder trial of daniel lieske.

The judge sent members home at 9 last night when they couldn't come to a decision.

Lieske is accused of shooting and killing jesse faber a year ago yesterday ... but he says he did not intentionally kill faber.

He and his girlfriend have already pleaded guilty to hiding faber's body in a storage unit.

Lieske faces life in prison if convicted.

Sauk county detectives are searching for a murder suspect... after a missing man was found dead in his car... parked outside a casino.

Deputies there are actively searching for 68-year-old robert pulvermacher... and a younger, unidentified man who he left the casino with.

We have pictures of them up on channel3000- dot-com.

An 80-year-old lake delton man was reported missing monday afternoon... before deputies found him dead in his car behind the ho-chunk casino on county road b-d.

We're learning more about the man charged in connection with remains found in a burn pit in walworth county.

Prosecutors say 43-year-old matthew neumann owns the farmhouse property in east troy... where those remains were discovered.

According to the criminal complaint... the girlfriends of two men who worked for him reported their boyfriends missing earlier this month.

The two bodies found in the burn pit have yet to be identified.

The father of the man accused of abducting jayme closs and killing her parents has a letter he wants to deliver to her surviving family members.

That's what patrick patterson told reporters at the barron county justice center yesterday... saying all he cares about right now is that family.

Meanwhile, his son has been transferred to a polk county prison.

The couple who called 9-1-1 when their neighbor found jayme says she's the one who deserves the 50-thousand dollar reward offered to anyone with information on the missing girl.

Today: becoming partly sunny; a little colder.

Temperatures falling to the middle 20s then holding steady wind: ne 6-12 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy and colder.

Low: 20 wind: light se our farm babe pam jahnke says u-s ag markets are looking a little shaky this morning... as we wait to see if and when the brexit deal overseas will happen.

British prime minister teresa may is facing another no- confidence vote... after the 'brexit' plan she worked on for two years was rejected by the largest margin in modern u-k government history yesterday.

The u-k is scheduled to leave the european union on march 29th ... but with that plan defeated ... it's not clear on how it will happen.

The president's tweeting about the success of border walls in europe... as we head into the 26th day of the longest federal government shutdown in history.

Nearly 50- thousand furloughed employees are being told to go back to work without pay.

That includes employees of the i-r-s ... who are being called back to make sure tax returns are processed and refunds are issued on time.

President trump's attorney general nominee, william barr, is about to start his second day of confirmation hearings today.

The main focus yesterday was on special- counsel robert mueller's investigation... which barr says he will not interfere with, if he's confirmed.

Barr is expected to be confirmed... when the full senate votes next month.

Former wisconsin governor scott walker is in a social media ba-and-forth with a prominent member of congress.

Walker tweeted criticism of democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez's proposal for a 70-percent tax on people who make more than 10 million dollars per year yesterday.

Walker said even a 5th grader thinks a 70 percent tax isn't fair.

That led to ocasio-cortez tweeting a response ... saying only the rich would be taxed that much because other people are underpaid.

56 years after dr. king first introduced the world to his dream of a colorblind america... a new report by wallethub shows just how far wisconsin has to go.

Wallethub ranks wisconsin as the most segregated in america.

According to the study... wisconsin has one of the highest income gaps... as well as the second- highest labor- force participation rate gap.

In short... african americans in our state are less likely to be employed... and more likely to make significantly less money than whites... even when they're employed.

They are also less likely to have a high school diploma than white wisconsinites.

Madison schools could soon ask you to approve tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on improvements at the high schools your kids and their friends go to everyday.

The district says those referendums, on next year's ballot, could run up to 70- million dollars... for each of the city's four high schools.

The building director for madison schools says there hasn't been a signficant investment in those aging buildings since the 19-70's.

Meanwhile... milton voters will see a nearly 60-million dollar question on their ballots come spring.

This is the distri's third attempt at getting approval for that funding... which would pay for improvements at every school... address overcrowding concerns... and cover a new pool at the high school.

The janesville gazette reports the latest proposal would raise property taxes by more than 3-hundred dollars... a year... on a 200- thousand dollar home.

I'm josh spreiter live in madison this morning where we're seeing an average gas price of around 2.02 this morning.

We're learning this could be the lowest price we see all year.

Triple a expects what we're seeing right now to be the bottom for 2019... with those prices beginning to inch up.

They're already up a penny over last week.

It's the first increase in 3 months... with a national average around $2.25 a gallon.

Aaa says the price of crude oil has been slowly -- but steadily -- increasing since the beginning of the year... which is starting to push up prices at the pump.

Changes at opec could also afct the prices.

As of right now... wisconsin is seeing some of the lowest in the midwest right now... with an average of about 2.06 a gallon.

6:5 now... let's turn it ove to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

The westbound side of the beltline continuing to get busier between stoughton road and w.

Broadway but that's really nothing unusual.

Just expect delays to start showing up in the next 10-15 min.

Inbound john nolen tapping the brakes at rimrock and olin ave leading into downtown.

And other main routes heading into the city are still moving along at the usual speeds with no crashes or delays with your first alert traffic, i"m josh timm today: becoming partly sunny; a little colder.

Temperatures falling to the middle 20s then holding steady wind: ne 6-12 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy and colder.

Low: 20 wind: light se

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