FBI: Missing out-of-state 14-year-old found, safe, in Madison

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Published on February 2, 2019 -

FBI: Missing out-of-state 14-year-old found, safe, in Madison

A Tennessee girl who was missing for more than two weeks was found safe in Madison Thursday night, law enforcement officials said.


FBI: Missing out-of-state 14-year-old found, safe, in Madison


A 14-year-old, missing for nearly two weeks from tennessee... has been found safe in madison.

The f-b-i is thanking local agencies ..

Including the dane county sheriff's office and madison police department for helping find the teen.

Our madalyn o'neill has the latest.

The girl's parents last saw her january 13th at their tennessee home.

Now her adopted father is being charged with rape.

That came out yesterday ... just hours before officials announced they found the missing teen here in wisconsin.

Sheriff mahoney dane co.

29:55 "here we had two cases from around the country, both young girls recovered in wisconsin."

About three weeks after 13-year-old jayme closs escaped from her kidnapper ... another missing teen has been found safe in wisconsin.

Mahoney 30:21 "out of the thousands that go missing, to have one who can be returned safely to their family is what this job is all about."

Dane county sheriff's dave mahoney says one of his detectives was assigned to missing the 14-year- old's case ..

Working alongside state and federal investigators.

Mahoney 30:57 "the more we can cooperate, the more when these cases occur, we know each other, we know our resources, and we can share in our resources to bring these kinds of positive outcomes."

The fbi tells us they're working to figure out if this was an abduction ..

And just how the girl got from madisonville, tennessee ... to madison, wisconsin.

Her family last saw her january 13th in their home.

Randall pruitt father 00:40 "just like losing your soul, part of you is gone."

This is video from the cbs-affiliate in the area sitting down with her parents this past weekend.

Randall pruitt father 1:04ish "please come home."

Thursday, the same day the teen was found ..

Her adoptive father shown here, randall pruitt, was charged with rape.

Probable cause documents show pruitt's arrest stems from photos and videos taken on his cell phone.

Sot-jones : i can't go in great detail on it, but i can say that he was arrested and charged with rape.

We don't believe at this time that he has any connection to the, her being a runaway or missing."

In tennessee ..

Monroe county sheriff tommy jones says there's a possibility that multiple charges will be filed against multiple people involved in this case..

In the mean time ... sheriff mahoney is grateful that another teen is off the 'missing' list.

Mahoney 29:32 "it makes me feel uplifted that we found a second child safe."

29:38 mahoney 30:04 "it's a great way to start out the new year."

The f-b-i tells us the found child is receiving victim support services.

They're still conducting interviews ..


And aren't releasing any more information today.

Thanks maddy.

Previously, news three named and showed the picture of the girl in this case as people searched for her.

We've decided to remove her name from our reporting to try to minimize harm to the teen in this

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