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Published on February 14, 2019 -


Minutes after six.

Let's check in with kay jamaal and the tour working llama on lincoln and i said i today is valentine's day.

We all know that i got your last guest but they're not right.

That's right your local walmart is gotcha covered jordans you will need t do something that included jim's favor toward mom think is more jordan for having me.

I tell all of the things that you have her on the table that are still available.

Yeah so we can start with just more traditional so i'm so we have some really beautiful flowers here on they just have a very vibrant color.

We have great wide variety of flowers but this one is under $25 is a great price and i'm in the press was done or they are full and on top of that that giant stuff in and for the chocolate lovers that much twixt or in the public twixt the internet.

It's a yard of separate ways out with these other great thing about a lot of things are into llamas right no, a lot of the kids a lot llama as it is about monies that three & so we have this up with you a guy right here is that we currently he is about $19 is valued or that they saw and in august we got some of the balance.

I believe that there i little llama blends outsiders return six dollars guy is reall getting the lands and some othe type of thing that happened here telephone about that.

So i go back to aluminum large i guess we got a huge kit kat bar here gray value retold under $10 a grade on the we had here and if you're working on dinner.

You don't want steak to write on to a romantic dinner.

One was the place to be.

We have all that you need to have a romantic night so beautiful steak year by state premium usd usda grade and i we have a nice one to complement that as well, and here's a great thing.

So all we want you guys do is to focus on dinner and will do his will actually shop for you and now we are out delivery as well so we can actually bring it to your door.

I'm not everyone offers up here signal mountain walmart supercenter.

We deftly do offer that nice little woman i like more information on how make an at which they did.

You can find on walmart.com or you can call or store at the same amount supercenter and all information is provided at the store level and

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