Friday News

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Friday News

Friday 10 pm News on 022219 some stories will need to air Sunday...reference point here


Friday News

Children captive.

- steve nannes has the latest in- the case.

- - inside a suburban california- home- -- investigators found the- unthinkable.- children shackled to their beds- --- beaten -- - and starved.- the house of horrors run by - david and louise turpin only- exposed when one of their - children -- a teenage girl- escaped and callolololololololo- michael hestrin / riverside - county district attorney: "this- most aggravat-orst ed child abuse - cases that i have ever seen."

- the children ranging in age fro- 2 to 29...- prosecutors say 13 were held- captive -- all but the 2 year - old - tortured.

- they were only allowed to showe- - - - tonight a juvenile is behind- bars facing four felony counts- - - - tonight a juvenile is behind- bars facing four felony counts- - - - according to sheriff troy - peterson, a 16-year old who - - - announcer: ( yells ) ( crashes ) - man: oh, my god.

- narrator: amen, brother.

( yells ) ( crashes ) narrator: this is "whacked out sports."

Narrator: are you ready to get jacked, smacked and whacked?


Narrator: then hop aboard the "pain train"!

( train horn blares ) ( bangs ) ( groans ) oh!

- ( squeals ) - narrator: do you guys know what "catfishing" is?

My fianc?e says there is no such thing.

She lives in canada.

We haven't met in person yet, but we're very much in love.

Anyway, i think this is what catfishing is.

Ah, nothing like getting slapped on the bottom by a bottom feeder.

Best spring break ever!

But then, tragedy strikes.

And by tragedy, i mean comedy.

Oh, my god!

( screams ) narrator: yep, it's only funny till a barbed catfish whisker gets stuck in some tender thigh meat.

- oh, my god!

- hey, go get brett.

Narrator: brett is this guy she likes.

- he's dreamy.

- what is brett gonna do?

- narrator: here he comes now.

- can you help us, please?

- ( laughing ) - don't ask us.

Narrator: wow, this is awkward.

Narrator: relax.

Isn't that what spring break's all about?


Narrator: somebody pull something out.

Oh, good, here comes the towel rental guy to gawk at it.

The barbs on catfish whiskers point backwards so they're designed not to come out.

Her only hope now is to sit in some seasoned cornmeal... then gently hover her butt over a deep fryer till our fish is crispy.

You, blondie, go get some hush puppies.

Hat guy?

Grab your phone and start takin' some pictures.

- ( clicking ) - we're gonna eat and meme our way outta this jam.

But first, my fianc?e needs me to wire her 600 bucks for some yarn.

She's making me a scarf.

One of the great perks of dog ownership is you have a built-in running buddy-- assuming you're one of those "exercise people."

- ( growls ) - ouch!

Don't bite my feet, bitch!

- ( barks ) - stop it!

What are you trying to do?

Narrator: personally, i'm with the dog on this one.

- treadmills are unnatural.

- ( barks ) - stop it!

- narrator: take him outside, where there's so many more interesting things to sniff and be on.


You ( bleep )!

( crashes ) narrator: at least you'll have a good excuse for your doctor about why you haven't lost any weight.

- you're a bitch!

- narrator: "um, the dog ate my feet."

This clip is making me miss my dog, humpy.

( bleep ), bitch!

Get away!

Narrator: don't hit that poor pup.

Just put him in a different room.

This will not end well for you karmically.

( yells ) ouch!

( bleep ) bitch!

( dog barking ) ( groans ) narrator: ...is known as a "traceur."

For the longest time, i thought they were called "valets."

You know-- car park-ours?

It's an honest mistake.

And when an expert traceur like "jean-luc mullette" here, goes on vacation to egypt, you know the first place he heads is the roof.

Let's see what you got.

( crashes ) it seems egyptian building codes aren't what they were 3,000 years ago.

Gone without a trace-ur.

Welcome to the "pyramid of failure."

( crashes ) what's up, safety buffs?

Time to brush up on the unwritten rules of the road with another... see if you can spot the motoring error as we cautiously approach this intersection.

( crashes ) - ( thumps ) - did you catch it?

It was pretty subtle.

Let's see it again.

The guy in the mercedes is sending a text to his wife about how much he loves her cooking.

He wants to choose just the right emoji.

But instead of the heart, he accidentally picks the smiling poop, and hits "send" right as this dum-dum goes rolling over his windshield.

If you think he's in pain, it's gonna be nothin' compared to when "bae" gets that text.

But did anything go right in this incidence?


Our projectile-biker friend doesn't want the white audi to feel left out of the broken-windshield fun, so as he's flying over, there you go.

Let him get the most value from his insurance deductible.

I mean, that's just common courtesy.

So, remember, kids, don't use emojis when you text and drive.

A message from your safety buddies at "whacked out sports."

Rock climbing is a sport that takes strength, flexibility and courage.

This brave guy is almost at the top of the mountain face.

As he reaches for the final rock, a case of "rocky mountain butterfingers" turns him into a shirtless rag doll.

- ( thumps ) - a t-shirt might have helped here.

Not as cushioning, but for dampening - that sick thud sound.

- ( thumps ) believe it or not, he actually took the brunt of the blow to his thumb.

- ( thumps ) - as the x-rays reveal.

Our victim is in good spirits, but i'm mad.

This gives me an idea for a business opportunity.

Tired of getting jacked up by two hard mountains?

- ( thumps ) - not a problem, with new "bouncy boulders."


( groans ) one order from the national park service and i'm set.

( thumps ) ?

Let's go!


Narrator: hoverboards have been known to explode out of nowhere and are to blame for countless broken bones.

But this guy obviously didn't get the memo.

Before we move on with the show, contributor "@baldymcbritish" says he had a great idea for a "hybrid sport."

This guy ups the danger quotient by trying to fly a drone while hoverboarding.

Sounds promising.

The floor is yours-- or, rather, the driveway.

Oh, what could possibly go right?

- ugh!

- narrator: brexit, stage left.

- ( clatters ) - skater: oh, my ( bleep ) back!

Narrator: right now, his spine looks like when you chew on a bendy straw.

Why not stand up and give yourself a chiropractic adjustment?



Narrator: come on, "winston churchmouse."

Where's your stiff upper lip?

Now, get back up on that hoverboard and try it again.

It can't be any worse than last time, right?

At least the chopper is-- uh, never mind.


Narrator: it's drizzly and 28 degrees.

Not the best day for a dip.

And by "dip," i mean this guy in the pink shades.

- man: you ready for this?

- hell, no.

Narrator: now that he's converted his boxer briefs into a racing thong, he's gonna attempt to go "polar bear club" through the surface of this partially frozen doughboy over here.

Let's say the best-case scenario we're looking at - is hypothermia.

- ugh!

- narrator: did i say "partially frozen"?

- ugh!

Narrator: let's update that to "frozen solid."

- ( laughter ) - narrator: listen to those hyenas.

This is officially the most fun ever generated by an above-ground pool.

I'm not laughing, though, because i can relate.

In social situations, i find it almost impossible to break the ice.

- ugh!

- narrator: here's one thing "snow-cone boy" did right.

He tries to use his right leg like the prow of an arctic exploration ship.

When the ice doesn't give way, the left leg comes slamming down on impact creating, in effect, a "panini press" situation for his privates, without the cool grill marks.

The worst part of it is, every cold day for the rest of his life, he's gonna hear the same joke-- "great day for a swim, huh?"

( laughs ) coming up, the whacked out 4k girls won't let any obstacles get in their way.

- ( cheering ) - and... a balloon goes bang.

You gotta have really big balls - to do this.

- ( yells ) - ( crashes ) - plus... - ( tires squealing ) - ( bangs ) narrator: man down!

Man down!

That's comin' up.

Narrator: welcome back to "whacked out sports."

- ugh!

- narrator: where despite added protection... ( crashes ) sometimes there's not a lot of thought that goes into what people do.

( thumps ) over at "whacked out research farm," our top researcher, "pinhead larry," is going to climb this 23-foot ladder and fall backwards through these 13 fluorescent tubes laced through some lattice fencing we found at the community garden.

And just in case that's not painful enough, we spiced up the cardboard landing pile with a few dozen mousetraps.

As larry makes the climb, is our boy going "danny glover" on us-- i.e., "getting too old for this ( bleep )"?

Add more hard-coreness, man.

Narrator: what's buggin' ya, buddy?

Is it the mousetraps?

Now, come on.

Less stalling, more falling.

- ( yells ) - narrator: timber!

( crashes ) ( groans ) - narrator: he's fine.

- ( crashes ) narrator: slap some band-aids on those boo-boos while we enjoy some replays.

Larry, you have not only met my high expectations, you have exceeded them.

You're sweatin' right now, and there's glass all over your forehead.

Narrator: those aren't shards, they're medals of valor.

If we could find a lucky number of fluorescents, would you be willing to do that again?

- ( cracks ) - no, no more.

No more light tubes.

Narrator: that's what they always say, but we know how that story ends.

( crashes ) ( faint squealing ) narrator: got a death wish, and you're really into wicker?

- ( passenger screaming ) - narrator: have i got a sport for you.


It also helps if you're a seasoned traveler about exact destinations.

- ( passenger screaming ) - narrator: 'cause hot-air balloons take you literally whichever way the wind blows, which, sometimes, is not too far at all.

( cameraman speaking french ) attention!

- ( thumps ) - narrator: "who is it?"

"balloon who?"

"balloon, get me the hell down from here!"

- ( woman screaming ) - narrator: the balloon trip?

It went fine, i guess.

It's actually still kind of going.


If only there was something stackable they could climb down on.

Or something soft they can jump down onto.

They're 18 inches off the ground, but she's still holding on for dear life.

( woman screaming ) be sure to read all about their adventures in my new book... - ( woman screaming ) - man: attention!

Narrator: did i tell you guys i've been taking swimming lessons?

- man: nice!

- narrator: it's going very well.

Coach cathy says that paddling your arms is the human equivalent of a powerful boat motor, and i buy it.

How powerful could they be?

- this powerful.

- ( roars ) - ( man screams ) - narrator: man down!

- ( screams ) - narrator: are you sure that outboard wasn't a riot hose in a past life?

"this is the lake police.

Please disperse from the area."

In case you missed how embarrassing that was, we put his lady laughing at him right up front.

In fact, this perspective shows the actual size of how he feels.

( screams ) - good news-- - ( motor roars ) at least now, he doesn't have to take his bi-monthly shower.

( laughing ) i want it whacked out.

Narrator: up next, a belly, a baby and bustin' some mad moves.

- and... - ( tires squealing ) - ( bangs ) - oh, so this is the reason mom always said to wear a helmet.

Plus, the "whacked out 4k girls" and some fancy footwork.

Hey, how was your week?

My in-laws were in town.e "whacked out 4k girls"ooh.


I got a standing desk.

I tried quinoa.


I took the dog to the groomer!

(vo) make your weekends more exciting than the days before them.

We drove three hours to the kids' swim meet!

Provided by... g when i have a breakout from eczema, i feel like i'm in this shell.

Gold bond eczema relief rele s of eczema.

My skin's back.

Your skin has different needs at night.

That's why there's new gold bond overnight lotion.

Works while you sleep, as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture.

New gold bond overnight lotion.

Narrator: welcome back to "whacked out sports."

( yelling ) they call me "blastoise"!

- ( cracks ) - ..."boy"!

- ( cracks ) - ugh!

Narrator: where sometimes there's not a lot of thought that goes into what people do.



Narrator: either that woman is pregnant, or we are in for the gnarliest pimple-popping video of all time.

Seriously, though, i think what happened was this couple went down to the community center for a lamaze class, accidentally went into the room where they teach cardio hip-hop, and decided to just go with it.

It's great how "deirdre" decided to keep working into the 37th week of her pregnancy.

The customers at the strip club weren't so happy, but you go, girl.

Drop it like it's a week overdue, which it is.

Seriously, she is as wide as she is tall.

Keep an eye on dad back there.

Dude's got costume changes.

Because that's what you need most when you have a new baby-- more laundry to do.

Please, no twerking.

Your water will break for sure.

All kidding aside, she's going to be an excellent mother.

You know how i can tell?

The kid's not even born yet and she's already embarrassing it.

When a half-dozen athletes meet a hatchback full of sporting goods from the dollar store, it can mean only one thing-- the return to... ( squealing ) today's event is a grueling test of stamina and character-- the "obstacle course relay dash."

Player 1 has to work her way in and out of the straddle ladder to tag her teammate, who will "skip to my lou" to the finish line.

Sounds simple, but remember, they'll be competing in... slow motion.

In lane 1, team a, ingrid and yvette.

Ingrid is wearing protective eyewear.

That's for my protection, so i don't get lost in the icy whirlpool of her wolf eyes.

In lane 2, it's team b.

Rochelle has never lost in this event, and doesn't plan on starting today.

Remember, you wanna finish as quickly as possible, only in slow motion.

On your marks... get set... go!

It's only when you break it down at this pace can you really appreciate all the power and coordination of the obstacle rally athlete.

It's like a beautiful poem.

I'll snap my fingers... ( snaps ) to return us to normal speed.

And rochelle gets it done for team b!

She believed it, she achieved it, she got a brand-new hairdo and reweaved it.

The winner of the whacked out relay challenge is team b!


Narrator: i asked my man andre, here to bust out the longboard so i could teach you a little something about screams. they basically fall into two categories-- screams of terror... i'm told there are also screams of pleasure, but screams of pain are the opposite.

Low, guttural, viscerally uncomfortable, - kind of like... - ( tires squealing ) ( bangs ) ( groans ) narrator: yes.

Exactly what i'm talking about.

Thanks for helping my demonstration, dre.

Now, show of hands-- how many people got scared when you saw that first car?

Maybe you even let out a little "type a" scream.

That's cool.

But remember, the first scary thing you see is usually a bluff, so save it for the real danger-- - this car.

- ( tires squealing ) ( bangs ) - ( groans ) - narrator: can i catch a ride with somebody?

( bangs ) ( groans ) narrator: stop trying to count sheep.

If you have trouble getting some shut-eye, here's "whacked out sports'" top five... number five... find a comfortable mattress.

( crashes ) - man: whoo!

- man #2: whoa!

Narrator: number four... ask a friend for a helping hand.

- ugh!

- ( crowd gasps ) narrator: number three... go for a relaxing drive.

( crowd gasps ) narrator: number two... call a professional.




Narrator: and finally... "whacked out sports" number-one way to help you get some z's... - just look for a sign.

- ( bangs ) - ( groans ) - narrator: there you have it.

"whacked out sports" top five ways to help you fall asleep.

Sweet dreams. ( birds chirping ) wanna get more "whacked out"?

Go to our social sites for more "whacked out" exclusives, extras, and more of life's big regrets you hope didn't get captured on camera.

Extras, and more of life's big regrets whether it's planned taco night, or surprise pizza, zantac works when you need it.

It relieves or prevents heartburn in as little as 30 minutes, and lasts up to 12 hours.


Eat your way.

Treat your way.?

Narrator: you don't need a ged or any peds for this next one.

This is your... let's see how things added up on today's show.

We found out that working out with "man's best friend"... - ( barks ) - ouch!

Don't bite my feet, bitch!

Narrator: ...minus a baby bambada... plus a spine made of silicone... ( yells, thumps ) narrator: divided by the price of wearing a male thong... equals never being able to go outside - without a disguise... - ( tires squealing ) ( bangs ) ( groans ) narrator: ...and a guarantee you'll be single forever.

- ( yells ) - ( crashes ) narrator: i gotta run.

It's "grilled cheese night" on my bowling team and i'm bringing the canned soup.

- oof!

- narrator: later.

Announcer: produced and distributed by...

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