Oneida County prepares for storm

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Published on February 25, 2019 -
Oneida County Prepares for storm

Oneida County prepares for storm

We'll also have an update on outages throughout the area.

Oneida county is urging residents to take tonight's storm seriously.

Here's news channel two's gary liberatore with more on that.

Tc : 41:09 "well check out the winds here in oriskany.and this was earlier as i talked to the director of emergency services here in oneidacounty.and here at the 91t of eyes on the storm."

Tc : 03:30:a very interesting scenario how te busy....yea, it'll be busy today there's no doubt about it....fade down.... oneida county emergency services director kevin revere....says when you hear the word blizzard forcasted for part of oneida county...you know things could get real serious, real fast... tc : 03:29:42 "well it means white out basically, snow combined with her very highwinds, very limited visibility and we really want people to stay off the roads as they can and stay off those lakes.

We know icefishing is a fun sport but this is one of the time.

So you just have to stay off of those lakes because all they're doing is putting other people in danger if they have to be rescued out there."

Revere says he has been on the phone with all of the municipalities in the county...as well as the leaders of surrounding counties...as well as state officials and national grid to make sure everyone is prepared as can be....especially for potential power outages.

Tc : 03:32:32 "they've got extra crews on standby and depending on the severity and how many outages there are it could be out for an extended period of time."

Tc : 03:34:31 "if it comes down to it will open up this room as an emergency operation center, limited emergency operation center and get dot and national grid and some of the county dpw out the table and try to figure out the best way to attack the problem."

The hope is the fewer the better when it comes to downed trees and downed powerlines.

03:32:00 check on your neighbors if possible, check on the elderly.e sure pets are indoors because they can hit by debris and things like that and just stay indoors that's the best advice we can give anybody

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