Whirlpool Demolition

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Published on March 22, 2019 -

Whirlpool Demolition

Demolition has begun on the old Whirlpool plant, clearing the way for redevelopment in Cleveland.


Whirlpool Demolition

The demolition process is underway for the former whirlpool plant in cleveland.

The cleveland mayor says this is one step toward revitalizing downtown.

News 12's robyn estabrook joins us live in the studio with the latest.

Whirlpool moved to a different location in cleveland several years ago, and buildings at its former location sat empty.

The cleveland mayor says he is glad the demolition process has started and he is looking forward to all the possibilities.

This debris shows the demolition process is off at the former whirlpool site in cleveland.

"just a few days ago i am so thankful that our partners with whirlpool fullfilled their promise that these buildings would begin to go down which will make way for what will truly be an amazing opportunity for our downtown redevelopment."

A consultant will help create a vision for how this spot can help the downtown.

"i am so grateful that our partners at whirlpool said we will be apart of that and we will take down the buildings to make room for sports complexes and downtown greenways and parks.

Parking garages, we constantly here about the parking in downtown and i am incredibly excited about what tomorrow holds thanks to this wonderful opportunity that is behind me."

The cleveland mayor say the end result will take time.

"we don't want it to be a quick turn.

We want to do this the way it should be done, to develop downtown to bring in professionals who have helped develop downtown industrial areas just like this."

While plans are not set in stone, the cleveland mayor is looking forward to the possibilities.

"cleveland, tennessee, downtown cleveland is just like so many towns where the industrial complexes of yesterday are now making wave for the greenways and the walkways and the quality of life for our next generation and the generation of tomorrow."

The demolition is expected to take several months to complete.

Live in the studio, robyn estabrook, news 12

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