The Royals Are Taking Privacy Seriously with a Hedge

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Published on April 4, 2019 - Duration: 01:06s

The Royals Are Taking Privacy Seriously with a Hedge

Kensington Palace is taking privacy seriously with a pretty hedge.

Keri Lumm reports.


The Royals Are Taking Privacy Seriously with a Hedge

If you are planning to visit Kensington Palace and spy on the Royal Family, soon you are going to have to take a ladder along with your smartphone.????Or have a crossfit friend who is strong enough to let you sit on their shoulders.????Kensington Palace has planted a 950 foot long laurel hedge to keep the prying eyes of the public from looking in their backyard, known as Perks Field.????The hedge is estimated to have cost almost 20 grand.

Which sounds like a pretty penny to us normals, but when you have a helicopter frequenting your back yard, it doesn’t sound as crazy.????The hedge is currently 3 feet tall, but a typical laurel hedge can grow two feet per year, so it won’t be long until the Kensington Palace’ Perks Field is out of view.????A palace spokesperson told the MailOnine, quote: 'As part of the broader management of the Estate, the physical surroundings of Royal Residences are under constant review.

??'From time to time, adjustments are made to the landscaping and gardens, including hedging.'??It’s great because this way they have the functionality of a wall, but still get to just call it a hedge.

Much friendlier.??

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