Life After Legalization: Growers Preview

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Published on May 16, 2019 -
Jordan Aubey gives us a preview of his special report

Life After Legalization: Growers Preview

What about a macao a.m.

Morning news of foreign crime writer jordan albeit joining us with his life after legalization special is coming up tonight-- that a macao a.m.

News at six and also to fox fourteen news at nine you concentrated on the growing aspect of marijuana particularly well or going to see in the four states in northeast oklahoma i found it very interesting for you to tell me there's no half on growing like because it will also locate you can have x amount of the spencer did it so it's so regulated were you you surprised by that i was recently being oklahoma and the ways in the receipts that have legalized missile marijuana recreational marijuana use and there is a on hummingbird licenses as you said have been issued but no pain oklahoma this case is a somewhat that's going to do that's got a be an attractive business opportunity for people what's what are you hearing people talk about the start migrating to northeast oklahomans advantage of this sort is or it's not your from two people.

One person has lives is richly from california has lived most of his life in murphy's oklahoma seals around when medicinal marijuana was legalized oklahoma university really hear from you actually are from them on mondays and lsat i believe on.

He grew up in northeast oklahoma lives in california for a good part of his life it has just recently moved back to northeast oklahoma and now is because big lure there are many other many aspects of the floor was the license fee urine oklahoma don't want to give away too much in license fee in california is 200 two hundred 200 some thousand dollars.

I will yet ... a oklahoma it's a lot cheaper this is the actual license fee but of course the cost of living utilities are logically prior as far as any as far it being a business opportunity by people doing this because they have a genuine interest in horticulture or visit the bottom line both .

I feel both who want to make your business successful who of course are you to have a business model he do have a you have a business strategy and so things are are all lines in their strategies to see a business model but they also do they feel he do to care you know about the marijuana product itself and and the big two et seq.

You're along on the customers to one thing i always like to ask a journalist after story is what's the one aspect when you finish this up you walked away with it what thou do that now you in my mind size you as you see tonight mrs. for me, this is a good culmination story of all the previous resume to you as you read we've seen all the news stories about medicinal marijuana on lease i have anyway been.

We went to the door idiocy of his marijuana plants is like this is happening you know and so it did for me noaa it it took me back and that's not in a negative manner.

That's not this is in the middle ages to be back like this.

This is so it'll been in the long run, what did you learn that the is booming it is booming vertical the licenses have been issued statewide and is always changing of course, but the latest numbers posted 3000 medicinal marijuana grower license s 70,000 up close to embed this is a number in northeast oklahoma little more than 100 so i forgot a little more than a hundred number if that surprises are you yeah does she say okay i don't not the red areas, especially one finding out as you see a lot of grower licenses there i talked to a oklahoma department of health guide yesterday he said there is an exceptional model for licenses being issued you're familiar with the texans area near klahoma texas in order because the

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