Olbiston Codes Violations a Concern

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Published on May 16, 2019 -

Olbiston Codes Violations a Concern

The City of Utica is taking steps to insure the safety of the people residing at the Obliston Apartments.


Olbiston Codes Violations a Concern

2's kirk tupaj tells us what steps the city is taking to ensure the residents safety.

The olbiston apartments here at 1431 genesee street have been around for over 100 years, and the building is showing signs of its age, but residents are seeing repairs being made.

Sot: rick sardina, olbiston resident this is a historic building since 1840.

There's been so many good repairs in this building by the owners in brooklyn that it's unbelievable.

But there has been a number of codes violations that haven't been addressed, and the city finally got fed up and took the owner to court in august of 2018.

Sot: mayor robert palmieri, utica oh the codes has been in there on multiple occasions.

The fire department has been in there on multiple occasions.

The fact that we had to go to supreme court is indicative of the fact that he was not complying.

Right now the major issue is roof damage that leaked so bad it caused an electrical circuit breaker to pop.

National grid cut power to that portion of the building which has been shut down.

No residents are living in the affected areas, and one resident tells us management has tried to repair the roof.

Sot: william newell, olbiston resident the roof has been a major problem for years.

They tried to address it.

They were up there, but they were told they couldn't continue the repairs because they weren't licensed.

The roof isn't the only violation, and the mayor is concerned for the safety of the residents.

Sot: mayor robert palmieri, utica quite frankly the landlord has neglected all the orders that have to transpire to make sure that the building is safe and clean.

Sot: kirk tupaj while the city may be doing their part to try and resolve all the codes issues here, residents i talked to seem pretty happy here.

Sot: pamela putney, olbiston resident the conditions are not too bad.

I had some problems with my toilet and ceiling in the bathroom, but i called the management office and they came and fixed it like a day or 2 later.

Sot: william newell, olbiston resident i've lived in public housing in the past, and this is much better than public housing.

These folks are very private.

They don't harass us unless we do have a problem, and they address it immediately.

We'll tell you about the most recent steps the city's taken coming up at six.

In utica, i'm kirk tupaj reporting for newschannel 2.

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