"No hate in this state..." words that were ringing around the Vigo County Courthouse

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Published on June 13, 2019 -

"No hate in this state..." words that were ringing around the Vigo County Courthouse

A rally took place Wednesday in Terre Haute to let everyone in the city, county, Wabash Valley and beyond know they are all welcome.


"No hate in this state..." words that were ringing around the Vigo County Courthouse

I'm news 10's sarah lehman i'll have more coming up in a live report" police have released the names of the victims in a deadly crash in knox county..

What we've learned about what happened..

'we will defend each other' to say that their's no hate in our state!"

Those are the words that rang around the courthouse today from people asking for peace in the community..

Good evening and thank you for joining us.

Almost 100 people got together earlier today to show love and support for one another.

It was in response to flyers that appeared in a local neighborhood promoting hate speech.

News 10's sarah lehman was at this rally earlier today she's live now in front of the vigo county court house with more on how these people want to spread peace in the community.

Patrece...rondrell... almost a hundred people filled these steps earlier today.

People from all walks of life put aside their differences to stand up for what they believe in.

< people of all different ages... races... backgrounds... and religions gathered on the steps of the vigo county courthouse wednesday to show their love and support for others.

"we came together frist of all because there are some among us who are fearful and we want them to know that we will support one another."

Wednesday's rally happened after some hate speech flyers were found in a wabash valley community.

Like most everyone who showed up to the rally -- robert neff says seeing that kind of thing in this community makes him want to do something.

"it just stirred something in me and i felt like we had to do something i feel like we're desensitized by all the hate we see going on around us and if we're silent we stand with the oppressers."

Many in attendance are life long residents of terre haute.

They all came together to show hate won't win in this community.

N-a-a -c -p president sylvster edwards says when people like this come together is when everyone learns to love each other and that hatred can be stomped out.

"most of the time when people have these biasis and hatreds and racism, sexism and all the other ism.

Is because the fact they don't know one another they haven't gotten together /// what people don't know they fear, and what they fear they hate and what they hate they try to destroy."

And arthur feinsod presdient of the interfaith council of the wabash valley says even though hate speech and hate crimes happen it is not what terre haute is about!

"when you get this number of people from all different religions all different ethnicitys coming together and saying love and respect will defeat hate and intolerance and that to me is terre haute."> this haute."> is terre haute."> this saturday there is also a diversity walk happening in terre haute.

It will also promote diversity and inclusion in the community.

Reporting live at the vigo county court house i'm sarah lehman news 10.

Back to you.

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