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8-27 NOON 1

People are recovering?

With some in critical condition?

After a man in ohio?

Steals a police car?

Killing 2 young children.

The dramatic cell phone footage capturing the confrontatio n?

And fresh off a global summit president trump is touting trade with china?

We'll take a look at how markets are reacting to his message and fresh off good afternoon.... welcome to 44news at noon.

I'm veronica dekett?

We have near perfect conditions ahead?

But not before some more nuisance rain hits the tr?

State let's get you over to anthony copeland with a look at what we can expect?

Hey anthony?

Breaking news at noon?

Residents of barbados and other caribbean islands?

Braced for heavy rains as tropical storm dorian?

Churned wes?


Officials are cautioning that it could approach hurricane strength today.

Late monday?

Puerto rico declared a state of emergency?

In anticipation of the storm.

Dorian is expected to pass?

On the southwest side of puerto rico as a hurricane on wednesday night developing news at noon?

A community is mourning the loss of 2 children who were killed?

In a horrific crash?

In dayton ohio.

Police say a man stole a police suv?

And slammed into several vehicles.

Hilary lane reports the latest developments?

From new york.

(track1)cell phone video captured the confrontatio n between a riverside police officer and a man wanted for a stabbing in dayton, ohio monday night.the suspect jumped into the driver's seat of a police suv.

(nats)(@:03 nm man steals cop car dayton ohi_fd)"get out of my car!"

(track2)the officer tasered the suspect, but somehow he managed to put the suv in revers?

Driving backwards up a busy street.

(sot witness tue0022)"the officer tasered him at point blank range... the guy still ended up getting in the driver's seat, driving it backwards up the street, turning a corner with it.

From there he drove it into the other police officer.

(track3)durin g the high speed chase, the driver slammed into several cars including a van packed with children inside.

(sot hero tue0022)i heard someone scream kids are in the car and jumped out to do my best and try to get as many kids out of the van as i could.

(track4)denor ris hopgood was headed to dinner with his family when he came upon the scene of the crash.

(sot hero tue0022)it was something that i can really describe it was difficult to see what was inside the van.

(track 5)at least 10 people were taken to hospitals, some in critical condition.

(sot hero tue0022)i didn't know what to do other than hold my kids and give them the biggest hug afterwards because just seeing something like that it just shows you that anything happen in a split second.

(track 6)the suspect was arrested and charges are pending.hl, cbs news, new witnesses say it appeared the suspect was intoxicated.

New at noon?

?time kentucky derby winner?

Calvin borel?

Is facing drunk driving charges?

After being arrested in southern indiana?

Over the weekend this isn't the first time the famed jockey has been is this situation.

In august of 2?11?

Borel was arrested for a ??i in evansville?

While he was in town racing at ellis park.*that case was dismissed?

After serving probation for one full year.

Borel won the kentucky derby in 2007?


And 2?10?

He's now facing ??i charges.

An evansville woman?

Is behind bars on a battery charge?

After*she called the police?

Officers were dispatched to a ??1 hangup?

At the corner of elliot and oregon street.

Officers say when they arrived?

Jennie upchurch?

Told them her boyfriend had assaulted her?

But she did not want to press charges.

As officers were leaving?

They noticed the boyfriend*did have a stab wound on his chest.

He told police they had gotten into an argument?

And upchurch grabbed a knife?

Then stabbed him.

She's now charged with battery with a deadly weapon?

And is being held in the vanderburgh county jail without bond developing news at noon?

There is fresh optimism?

That the ?s and china?

May be able to resolve their trade dispute?

Following president trump's trip?

To the ?7 economic summit in france.

Nikole killion has more details from the white house.

(nats) (track 1)the markets opened higher tuesday as investors hope the ?s and china can resolve their trade dispute.

(sot: president trump)"they want to make a deal.

And by the way, i think a deal's going to be made.

But they want to make a deal."

(track 2)the next round of negotiations is planned for september...bu t neither side has announced when the talks will begin.

(gfx)next week the ?s raises tariffs from 10 percent to 15 percent on more than 300 billion dollars' worth of chinese made goods.

(/gfx) (sot: president trump)"the united states which has never collected ten cents from china, will in a fairly short period of time be over 100 billion dollars in tariffs.

So i think they want to make a deal very badly."

(standup: nikole killion/ cbs news/the white house)preside nt trump says the rough patch is necessary to win a better deal with china.

During the g7 summit, he also announced a trade deal with japan.

(sot: karin schaefer/ minnesota beef council)"we're really hindered by high tariffs on our product over there so this goal will bring the tariff down significantly by entering into this trade deal and we think that would be great for the beef industry."

(track 3)some ?s farmers are cautiously optimistic because the details of the agreement with japan still need to be worked out.

(sot: david heiens/ farmer)"well, the price never goes up until the grain bins get emptier... and once we start sweeping the bottom of the grain bins, we start seeing a bump in price."

(track 4)president trump and japanese prime minister shinzo abe say they hope to sign the deal next month.

The ?s says?

The deal will allow american farmers?

To export an additional 7 billion dollars' worth?

Of agricultural products to japan.

Breaking news at noon?

Brazil president says?

He needs an apology from the president of france?

If he to accept an offer of aid?

From the ?7 nations?

To fight forest fires in the amazon.

The ?7 had pledged 20 million dollars?

To protect the rainforest from flames?

And there is renewed concern that further damage?

Could cause irreversible damage to the world climate.

It's estimated this year in the amazon?

More than 3?

Hundred square miles of forest?

An area roughly the size of yellowstone national park?

Have fallen to fires like these.

An oklahoma judge issued the first ruling?

In a state trial against a pharmaceutic al company?

In an opioid lawsuit.

Johnson and johnson?

Plans to appeal a 5 hundred 7?

Million dollar judgment?

Finding it caused a public nuisance by aggressively marketing opioids?

And downplaying their addiction risks.

Numerous similar lawsuits are expected nationwide.

The united states recorded only 12 new measles cases last week according to the ??c..

Marking a slow down in the recent outbreak this year.

Measles is one of the most contagious viruses in the world..

The total number of cases on record in the ?s is at 639.

The virus was eliminated in the united states 20 years ago..

But it recently r?

Emerged in many countries around the world.

Last week..

The measles affected a teenager from new zealand who was visiting disneyland and universal studios in southern california.

A kentucky hospital?

Is officially changing its name in september.

Methodist hospital in henderson and morganfield?

Will start operating as?

Methodist health?

Starting on september 1st?

This comes after methodist?

Changed its legal name last september?

As part of an affiliation agreement with deaconess.

After a year of transition?

The name change will become effective syste?wide.

Methodist health employs nearly 9 hundred people in henderson?


And webster county.

??1 call centers across the hoosier state?

Will be upgraded soon?

Thanks to a federal grant.

?poin?8 million dollars?

Will be divided up among 29 counties?

To make improvements.

More seats will be added in some dispatch centers?

As well as enhanced mapping equipment?

To help pinpoint more precise locations?

When someone calls ??1.




And knox counties?

Will all get a cut of the money.

You can see how it breaks down?

On our website at wevv dot com.

The arc of evansville is planning close?

Its child life center in october.

The center opened in 1?93?

And over the years has worked to promote?

Its inclusion philosophy with other centers in the area.


The board of directors and leaders within the organization say it time to switch its focus to other resources and services?

To continue helping people with disabilities.

The arc of evansville is expecting significant changes?

In the services it offers?

And how it helps people with disabilities find employment.

The child life center?

Will close for good?

At 5:30 pm on october 25th..

The oldest park in newburgh?

Is getting a mult?million dollar makeover?

Which will eventually include replacing the community pool.

The pool has been closed for 2 seasons and many people are hoping to replace it.


Community members had a chance to express their concerns?

About some of those proposed concepts?

For the lou dennis community park.

Some people were concerned about safety?


And not enough open space for children to run around.

There are also concerns about?

The expanding park being too close to homes causing a disturbance for neighbors.

"people are playing there early in the morning.

They are there until dark.

When they used to have the lights on, people would be out there until 2:00 in the morning."

So far?

No plans have been finalized.

This is part of newburgh's 5 year park's master plan?

So they need this plan to be able to move forward with the funding.

Golfers will be teeing off friday at victoria national?

For the*korn ferry tour championship?

Presented by united*leasing and finance.

The days leading up to the championship are all about preparation.

The planning started about a year ago?

With most of the focus?

In the last month.

Victoria national usually sees a couple hundred people in a weekend?

But are now getting ready?

To host 18 to 2?thousand people once the gates open?

Friday morning at 7:30.

"really for us right now it's putting the finishing touches on it.

It's getting trash cans in the right places.

It's getting the liquor set up and all the beer in the locations and everything else like that.

So finishing up all the touches."

Although the rain didn't affect the preparation for victoria national?

Golfers saw a bit of a set back yesterday?

With practice rounds on monday?

But there will be more practice rounds today and wednesday.

This will be the end of the long championship season?

With the top 25 golfers earning their ??a tour cards.

For more information on the championship?

You can visit our website?


You can catch the german american bank historic newburgh fireworks?

And evening in the park?

This weekend.

The event was postponed to this weekend?

Because of to high water on the ohio?

This is a fun celebration?

With lots of food?

A beer garden?

And a community concert by the old dam band?

No pets or personal fireworks?

Including sparklers will be allowed in the event area.

The fun kicks off at 5 saturday evening?

With fireworks starting at 9.

In the battle against opioids knowing where to find help is so important.

We'll tell you all about a place?

Helping people beat addiction coming

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