Newsmaker Sunday: Mike Gallagher (Post-Primary) Part 2

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Published on October 2, 2019 -

Newsmaker Sunday: Mike Gallagher (Post-Primary) Part 2

Local Five's Tom Zalaski sat down with Mike Gallagher who is running as a Republican for Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District.


Newsmaker Sunday: Mike Gallagher (Post-Primary) Part 2

>> tom: welcome back, our guest mike gallagher running for the eighth district seat.

We have been watching television interviews between you and nelson, social security has become a center piece between you, where do you stand?

>> i am dedicated to preserving social security.

I am the only one that answered pledge of aarp whether you will stand up.

Both of my grandmas rely on social security.

In fact, we joked, my grandmas were there, other side would run a bunch of ridiculous ads.

It is not true.

It is offensive to suggest i would do anything to jeopardize my grandma's livelihood or my uncle.

Every two years we see this same ridiculous argument.

It gets worse because of career politicians like nelson.

My opponent run an entirely negative campaign.

He is on his fourth ad perpetuating a lie on social security.

After his first ad, called out by a nonpartisan organization, called it as a lie.

Faced with that he didn't say.

He doubled down and tripled down on that lie.

What does it say about them if they are willing to say anything.

In the military, if i did that, i would be dishonored.

>> tom: what is your perception of his view of social security?

>> i don't think he has a view other than to tell lies about my attack.

It is the most cynical attack.

I am committed to preserving social security.

My grandma is one of 50 million americans.

I have seen the importance of this program firsthand.

It is the single most effective antipoverty program.

We need to make sure it is there for my grandma and future generations as well.

As aarp pointed out.

Millions of americans have spent decades, social security will be there if they need it.

If we continue on this current course, politicians continue to do nothing.

Future retirees will -- in congress, my pledge is to work with both sides of the aisle.

I oppose efforts to privatization the discussion.

>> tom: what are you hearing the most from people?

>> security.

Lack of security.

Physical and financial.

It is in this broader question of we can't trust our government.

We have lost faith in our own ability.

People we send to washington, d.c., their ability to get anything done.

You see it in the numbers, 70% of americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Congress is in 8% approval rating, that is lower than britney spears.

We have a separate political class.

I hear that everywhere.

Listen, i agree, part of the reason why i am running.

We have a whole class totally separated from the realities on the ground.

We need to change that.

We need people in congress who will treat it as public service not as a steppingstone or as a career.

I think you are seeing this remarkable disillusionment with our government.

Outcomes have been so bad over the last eight years, continuing failure of 'obamacare.'

Tax code written by lawyers or whether it is a subject near and dear to my heart, multitude of ways in which we have abandoned our security commitments and promises we made to many including our nation's veterans.

>> let me run passed a few of the issues you have been promoting.

Term limits, you are in favor?

>> absolutely.

>> tom: how long would you serve?

>> first thing reid rebel told me.

When i asked for his advice.

He said don't do that.

I never thought i would be running for office.

When reid rubble announced he was retiring.

I felt compelled to step up and serve.

We have a decade where we should get a few things right.

I want to be part of that effort to get things done.

I want to come home to my private sector career.

I want to teach.

I think the framers didn't have in mind.

They had in mind the citizen legislature.

People from all walks of life and work to get things done and come home.

I intend to be that type of person.

>> tom: you want to freeze congressional pay raise.

How do you think that is going to be met on the house of the floor of the house of representatives.

>> it is about doing what is right not a popularity contest.

I want to hear someone argue the other time.

Real wages are at a 35 year low.

Most hardworking americans haven't gotten a pay raise.

I think we should institute no budget, no pay.

Congress doesn't do its most basic job, they don't get paid.

If we didn't show up, we wouldn't get paid.

>> tom: you say we have abandoned our leadership in america, how did that happen?

>> i was talking with someone earlier today about the iraq war.

We made a lot of mistakes early on.

We failed a plan for phase three, phase four.

We had a regional analytical failure.

What i tell people, truth i learned on the ground, the hard way, notwithstanding all the mistakes, we managed to turn things around.

Surge worked through a remarkable display of bravery, a lot of brave iraqis.

We had a president come to office dedicated to ending all wars.

Tides of war wanted to distance us including israel and carried that out.

Through this iran deal emboldened our aforemost adversary.

We can simply ignore problems. we don't have that luxury.

We are not safe here on our own soil.

It is tied into our economic strength.

It is the foundation of our military and diplomatic power.

Instability abroad effects us negatively, economically.

Come to the business i work in, in green bay.

Small business with, we need to compete and win.

Fight and win globally in the

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