US commander: Anti-missile system in South Korea operational

Video Credit: KOZL
Published on October 3, 2019 -

US commander: Anti-missile system in South Korea operational

The US anti-missile system designed to mitigate the threat of North Korea's missiles will soon be operational, the top US commander in the Pacific said Wednesday.


US commander: Anti-missile system in South Korea operational

Later this year joe with missile threats being made regularly by north korean dictator kim-jong-un, a defense plan is being put in place.

The u-s and south korea are taking new steps to counter north korea's nuclear threats.

They've now moved parts of the thaad anti-missile system to a deployment site.

Their goal is to have the system ready by the end of the year.

China considers thaad a threat to its own security -- and some south koreans are protesting the move as well.

Joe and not only has the missile defense been set up, but united states military forces have put on a live fire drill with the south korean military.

Two thousand soldiers, fighter jets, helicopters and tanks all unleashed live fire on a field in south korea.

U-s officials say they have no specific target in mind for this drill, it's simply just routine, annual, defensive drills.

Other reports say north korea believes the drills are provacative

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