Duprey Back In court

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Published on October 3, 2019 -

Duprey Back In court

Shawn Duprey was back in court Monday for violation of his original conditions of release.


Duprey Back In court

Lauren maloney.

A barre man accused of killing two women in a february crash... was back in court this afternoon.

Bernie shawn duprey was initially charged with gross negligent operation... death resulting.

The 33 year old was arrested again over the weekend, police say he violated conditions of his original release.

Local 22's rene thibault has the story from barre.

In february shawn duprey was arrested for two charges of negligent operation with deaths resulting.police say duprey ran a red light at the corner of barre street and route 62... colliding with the vehicle of twin sisters theresa white and verna cote.

The two later died because of their injuries.at the time bail was set and release put in place.police chief tim bombardier/barre city police dept: i think over the weekend and as a result of his arrest, he's demonstrated that he has no concern over the court ordered conditions of release, basically disregarding them.

Saturday night... while on patrol, barre city police officers say they witnessed duprey operating a motorcycle.... a violation of his condition not to drive.

When the officer searched his bag... they say they found cocaine ... heroin ... cash and other drug paraphenalia.

It's why he was back in court monday.scott williams/washington co.

State's attorney: the judge, i believe did, even though he didn't do everything the state was seeking, did a thorough analysis of the legal issues and he increased mr. duprey's bail by $50 thousand.

Washington county state's attorney scott williams wanted the court to increase bail for mr. duprey... for 5 charges related to driving and drug posession.

Duprey pleaded not guilty to all five.

Williams argued that saturday's arrest indicates possible intent to leave the area or the state.duprey's lawyer, amanda kitchen, argued that wasn't the case... saying duprey is a lifelong vermonter... with strong families ties... and a young daughter who also lives in barre.ultimately the judge decided to set a new bail amount of $75 thousand... and set more conditions of release... in the event duprey makes bail.as for why duprey wasn't held over the weekend following after he was arrested again...barre city police chief tim bombardier had this to say: police chief tim bombardier/barre city police dept: in this case, officers were going to lodge him, and they called the court for conditions of release, and the court, is the one who decided to release him on a citation to appear today, not the barre city police department.rene thibault... local 22 news... barre.

Lauren duprey was taken back into custody pending his ability to make bail.

Williams believes he'll be held in st.


Durpey originally faced up to 30 years in prision for the february crash... that amount is now up to 33 and a half years with the latest

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