LSU vs. Oregon State

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LSU vs. Oregon State

As much as the LSU Tigers would like to celebrate last night’s season saving victory over Florida State, it’s already time to turn the page to their rematch against Oregon State.


LSU vs. Oregon State

As much as the l-s-u tigers - would like to celebrate last- night's - season-saving victory, over - florida state... it's already - time to - turn turn the page, to their- re-match... against oregon- state.- but that doesn't mean they can'- build off the momentum, of- their 7-4 triumph... which made- jared poche' the school's - all-time- leader, in wins.- it also gave the purple and gol- their 50th w, of 20-17... which- is the- 13th time they've done that, in- program history.- although l-s-u is still looking- up to o-s-u's record, of 55-4..- which has - head coach paul mainieri, on- high alert... heading into yet- - - - another elimination game... thi- time, versus the best team in - the nation.

- - "when eric went down that just kind of - sucked the life out of us at th- beginning, and it's kind of - tough to bounce back from - that.

But we're sending alex- lange out there, who's obviousl- one of the- best pitchers in all of college- baseball."

"55-4, that's unbelievable.

The don't believe that they can get- beat, so we're going to have to- do something spectacular- tomorrow in order to be able to- handle these guys.

And if we ca- beat them - tomorrow, hey then we've got on- game for all the marbles the- next day.

We'll see - what happens."

L-s-u and the beavers will get- things rolling, at 2 p-m- tomorrow... - with alex lange getting the - start, for

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