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Published on October 5, 2019 -


A series premiere for Fort Hood Soldiers and their families aired Friday evening at the Abrams Gym on post.



11 at night.

The national geographic network has produced an eight episode series depicting one of fort hood's biggest tragedies.

The show focuses on a battle between soldiers and iraqi's during the war in 2004.

Fox 44's sydney hernandez joins us now at the premiere.

"fort hood soldiers and their families just finished watching the premiere of a national geographic series that portrays what 1st calvary divison soldiers went through during the iraq war."

"this is going to be difficult, but they are brave and strong, and this depiction is the most real war movie " it was april 4th 2004- many know it as 'black sunday'.

What started as a normal day in sadr city, badghdad where fort hood soldiers were stationed ended in a suprise ambush by iraqis that left eight soldiers dead and 50 more injured.

"what happens over there isn't easy to talk about but what this show offers is an opporunity for understanding and healing."

The soldier's comanche red platoon was attacked and the soldiers were ambushed with greneds and firearms. 'the long road home' shows ground action in iraq.

"these are not action figures, they are not quick soundbites, you get to know these people as human beings," eric bourquin was part of the unit that was ambused.

"it's surreal, i've said it before it's really crazy seing your friends, or guys that look like your friends wearing the same eqipment, the same badges, watching them reanact things," the entire eight episode series was filmed at fort hood.

Over one thousand troops played extras or helped.

"the long road home premieres on the national geographic on november 7th.

Reporting in fort hood sydney hernandez fox 44 news."

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