Valley Woman Wants Money Back from Former Wireless Carrier

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Published on October 5, 2019 -

Valley Woman Wants Money Back from Former Wireless Carrier

She tells us Cricket Wireless took $385 out of her account over seven months.


Valley Woman Wants Money Back from Former Wireless Carrier

Switching cell phone providers turned out to be a pretty costly move for one woman.

She says her old provider has been charging her for months without her knowledge.

She wants her money back...so she called five on your side.

Channel five's ryan nelson went digging for answers.

Like most of us...maria ornelas depends on her cellphone on a daily basis.

So when she found a better provider plan...she knew she couldn't pass it up.

"i went to tmobile and i gave them the four phone numbers that i had with cricket."

Ornelas says after switching from cricket wireless to t-mobiile.

The company kept charging her account.

She noticed the charges while skimming through her bank statement in january.

" on january 26 i called chase bank around 10 pm and i asked them why i have a withdrawal from cricket?"

Ornelas showed us bank statements with recurring payments from cricket wireless.

55 dollars came out of her account every month from july to january to a whopping total of 385 dollars.


The company says canceling your service is simple --- "... just stop paying."

According to their website "if you have not paid within 60 days of your last cricket pay date, your account is canceled."

It goes on to state "when your account is canceled, your mobile number is no longer available, the account is closed, and any remaining balance is removed from the account."

We reached out to cricket wireless for answers.

The company tells us in a statement "thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We reviewed the customer's account and are attempting to contact her directly with a resolution.

For customer privacy reasons, we cannot disclose any further customer information."

Ornelas wants what she feels is hers.

49 14 17 "what i just told them is that i want my money back."

A message she hopes isn't ignored.

Ryan nelson, channel 5 news

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