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Published on October 9, 2019 -
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[heart beat] c1 3 dizzy."

A gas leak forces businesses...even a school to evacuate.

And...upgraded charges for the truck driver involved in a deadly interstate wreck.

You have to hear what police accuse him of doing...while driving.

Good afternoon i'm veronica jean seltzer... tom kenny has the day off.

In our top story at five... a gas leak today forced students and staff at a lexington high school out of the classroom.

And they weren't the only ones....eighty people in homes and businesses nearby also had to evacuate.

Abc36's alexus larson reports even when they could finally come back...they still didn't have gas.

"a gas line was damaged and caused it to leak and that made several businesses in the area including crown foot and ankle center to evacuate."

"we heard a really loud noise like it sounded like something was running and then you could see the gas coming out from the corner of the street."

Victoria everman works right across the way from where firefighters say the leak started on rosemont garden and southland drive she says she started to smell something unusual... and others did too.

Firefighters say drivers made calls about the smell of natural gas.

"just smelled like straight propane gas.

We actually all started getting a little dizzy."

She says she could even see the gas.

"it was strange to look out the window and see that you could actually see the gas shooting out of the pipe."

Columbia gas says a contractor hit a line.

The fire department had to shut it down because it was seeping into underground storm drains.

Roads had to be closed and around eighty customers including lafayette high school had to evacuate.

"they said that we had to leave."

Columbia gas says through the end of september... it has responded to more than one hundred sixty gas line damages.

Firefighters say they've worked 325 this year.

You can be fined for damaging a gas line.

12-50 for your first offense, 2000 for your second, and 4,000 after.

Pause when the gas is shut off...columbia says it can't just flip it back on.

"we do go door to door and we will need access to the customers home to relight all of their appliances, test their internal house lines, and get the gas line service restored."

Reporting in lexington, alexus larson, abc36 news.

### the michigan man accused of causing a deadly crash last weekend on i-64...now faces murder charges.

Abc 36's christy bollinger has been looking through court documents...she's is in the studio tonight.

Christy, state police say jerry elder jr...was watching a video on his phone...while driving.

Yes, troopers say he didn't realize traffic was slowing down because the video was distracting him.

45-year-old jerry elder junior, was previously charged with manslaughter..

Now, according to his indictment, that's been upgraded to murder.

He's accused of killing 61-year-old jeffrey curtis... who died as a result of the multi-vehicle crash on i-64 in franklin county.

According to troopers, elder was driving through a construction zone, but didn't slow down when other cars did.

The franklin county commonwealth's attorney says elder was watching a television show...on his phone...mounted on the dash.

Ksp says that's when.... in his fully- loaded tractor- trailer...he hit curtis' jeep., killing him..

Both the semi and jeep then hit an s- u-v..

State police say the passenger in the s-u-v was seriously injured.

Troopers also accuse elder of not wearing his prescription glasses, required by his commercial driver's license.

Elder's indictment shows he's also charged with assault..

And wanton endangerment.

In studio, christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

Ots image:right probable west nile case mosquito.jpg in lexington...health officials say there's been a reported, 'probable' case of 'west nile virus' in a person.

And because of that..

The health department will be spraying for mosquitoes on thursday morning in the downtown areas between euclid avenue and main street, including woodland park.

Health officials say this is the first reported probable case of west nile virus in someone in fayette county this year.

According to health officials..

West nile virus can be spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.

We're following a developing story... the n-t-s-b has just released its the n-t-s-b has just released its preliminary report on that deadly c1 3 lincoln county pipeline explosion that happned in august.

According to the report..

On august first..

At 1:23 in the morning.

A 30-inch-diameter natural gas transmission pipeline... owned and operated by enbridge ruptured and released about 66 million cubic feet of natural gas which ignited.

58-years-old lisa derringer was killed..

And a total of six people were hospitalized.

According to the report..

75 people were evacuated from the indian camp mobile home park.

The fire destroyed five homes, and damaged 14 others..

It also burned about 30 acres of land, including railroad tracks owned and operated by norfolk southern corporation.

State officials are once again moving forward..

With issuing real id- compliant drivers licenses.

According to the transportation cabinet.... voluntary travel id's... are now available for people who live in anderson county.... but you have to travel to the transportation cabinet headquarters, in frankfort to upgrade.

Federal enforcement begins next october for real id-compliant cards at airport security checkpoints, military bases and federal buildings.

The cards started rolling out in a pilot program over the summer in franklin and woodford counties..

But was put on hold last month because of the extra workload at circuit clerk offices.

A special homecoming parade today in lexington.

U-k football players held a homecoming parade this morning at kentucky children's hospital.

Players surprised the kids with games and prizes.

Players, say they hope, their visit makes a difference for the young patients receiving treatment there.

"bring some joy to kids that are here in the hospital who are maybe going through a tough time maybe they're really worried about what's happening to them and maybe get their mind off of that today and that's what we're trying to do today and play some games with the kids and hopefully brighten their day up a little bit.

" today's parade at the hospital.... just one of the many activities sceduled as part of u-k's homecoming week.

During the bye week, while coach mark stoops and his staff made sure to prepare his current team for arkansas..they also hit the recruiting trail.

Recruit and develop.

It is the motto of kentucky football and that first part...recruiting...h as never looked better than it does right now.

Both rivals and 24-7 sports have the cats 2020 class ranked in the top 25.

For stoops...was it invigorating to get out on the road and talk to some of these hopefully future cats?

The basketball cats could trot out two of the best guards in c1 3 the nation.

How are ashton hagans and tyrese maxey looking?

Hear from coach cal at 5:30.

V-j back to you.

You can now expect new seating..

And food..

At rupp arena..

Just in time for big blue madness this friday.

Rupp arena unveiled the upgrades today... some bleachers in the upper level have been replaced with seats with backs, arm rests, and cup holders..

Creating more leg room and easier access to the seats and aisles.

"more leg room, more comfort, with the cupholders, less spills.

Just a much greater conveenience and elevated experience."

There's also new food choices to enjoy.

Rupp now has a partnership with levy restaurants... whose bringing new items like hot brown nachos, and pulled pork mac-n-cheese, to the menu.


A big move from the white house..

In the impeachment inquiry against president trump.

The reacation to it from democrats... after a scheduled testimony from a witness..

Is blocked.

##### c1 3 in your nation view..

The u-s ambassador to the european union was supposed to testify this morning behind closed doors on capitol hill, as part of the impeachment inquiry against president trump... but as camila bernal reports... shortly before the scheduled testimony..

The state department blocked him, from testifying.

--reporter pkg-as follows-- rep.

Adam schiff / -d- chairman, house intelligence committee: the failure to produce this witness, the failure to produce these documents, we consider yet additional strong evidence of obstruction of the constitutional functions of congress.

House democrats, furious that u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland was blocked from testifying today on capitol hill.


Mike quigley / -d- illinois: they have done everything they possibly can to obstruct the congress' constitutional right to oversight.

This is part of the democrats impeachment inquiry into president trump and follows a whistleblower's complaint about a call trump had with the ukrainian president in july.

Sondland was expected to testify about conversations he had that discussed whether president trump withheld aid from ukraine, while pushing ukraine for an investigation into joe and hunter biden.

For their part, republicans said they too had been looking forward to hearing from sondland but stood by the white house decision to block the testimony, saying the impeachment inquiry process hasn't been fair.


Jim jordan / -r- ohio: we wish he would have been able to testify too, but we fully understand why the administration made the decision they did.

A new poll shows that public opinion may be shifting.

For the first time, a majority of americans supporting the impeachment inquiry process, with 58- percent agreeing that congress was right to open the impeachment inquiry and 38-percent opposed.

In washington, i'm camila bernal reporting.

After the break..

More push back against the vaping and e-cigarette c1 3 you said yesterday, this was going to be one of your three take a day is always saturday and beautiful and i how lucky we retold it had walks today outside outside your use still have time to please do for free in the morning so we do it on but after work.

Also that 730 take a look at that beautiful 42 this morning as bj pointed out jokes to help with the you to this morning as i would give you.

I wonder 42 normal 70 and 49 but this was interesting but no rain to the of course blue for the month and so will know for the month just one day for that divorce will had all for the internet is didn't help us out with the trees with the dra we had the big trees were in pretty good shape.

The colors going to be out here pretty darn soon.

I did mention the fact that it's severely clear just take a look at the life working skyview of the kentucky horse park.

It is absolute gorgeous out there is a said it's going to be a really nice sons that 730 look of the dewpoint that also means working be dropping pretty darn quick.

As soon as the sun sets on you will chili his ticket jacket around temperature change or last 24 hours told this is will be like to see 140 here lexington m richman.

Unfortunately, preston burton, harlan, so lucky a little few clouds in your way.

There's been some rain just off theories but those clouds the keeper temperature down just a little bit right now temperatures well still pretty nice work that 73 hi workforce prof. birthday look at 250 560 so unfortunately just a few miles big difference between 70s and and 50s and this time year that can't happen because the sun still not all that intense 500 will be overnight low will be chilly again bj kee it the top of that, because you may want but he back on that we could see a little bit of fog not quite as much like think as we solve this morning those calls in the extreme southeastern counties are is was again enjoying quite a bit of sunshine but the overall here's the setup high-pressure to the north into the west you some very mild temperatures this little system close of the role little bit of moisture close to us, but pretty much will off to the side know this is futurecast taken on into your wednesday a file today.

You really are like tomorrow as wel high-pressure again pretty much overhead lots of sunshine mild temperatures.

Our next whether makers up to the north look i guess will be closer is is thursday the all new big snow very cool temperatures up in th northern rockies high-pressure still in control, so i think we'll have another really nice day the golf the voices of mexico the started opening up with means will start getting some moisture and some warmer here in here this is by friday note friday football is going t be right on the edge there precipitation gets a little bit closer to coerce the sonoran blizzard like conditions up to the north.

Not here though.

But look what happens here on friday.

It pushes through skies will clear the quote temperatures that we saw becomes chilly for us so you're going to the game saturday night.

Be prepared for that but still be relatively clear, and this high- pressure system will give us a really good-looking weekend on the cool side but overall pretty darn nice 77 for you tomorrow would you like tomorrow and then c1 3 plus..

New concerns in kentucky..

About the number of lung injury cases that could be connected to the trend.

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Our medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't.

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Anthem plans help protect you from high medical costs.

Include .

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The medicare y is december 7th.

So call anthem today at 1-888-265-2739 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting.

C1 3 e-cigarette use... continues to go up in the state.

According to health officials..

25 cases are under investigation in kentucky.

One case has been confirmed, in connection to vaping.

According to authorities..

The case involves a man in his early thirties who reported vaping with nicotine.

Across the country..

There have been more than 18 confirmed 'deaths' in at least 15 states..., and more than a thousand confirmed and probable cases... of vaping-related 'illnesses' in 48 states.


Has announced that it will stop selling e- cigarettes.

According to the grocery store chain..

It will sell off its remaining stock, first before ending the sale of the product.

Walgreens will also stop selling e- cigarettes.

The retail pharmacy chain says it will stop selling the products because to the developing new regulations in a number of states.

The laws come as governments struggle with questions of how to regulate vape products.

Wal-mart made a similar announcement last month.

If you're hitting the gym this week...you might want to watch your time there.

Health officials say..

Too much exercise could keep you from making good choices.

Andy rose explains... in today's your health.

--reporter pkg-as follows-- the brain's capacity for exertion is limited -- simply put ... over- exercising the body could lead to brain burn-out.

That's according to a study in the journal 'current biology' ... a group of elite endurance athletes were asked to over-train for three out of nine weeks researchers then compared them to a group who had been training normally.

The over-worked athletes didn't do as well as their counterparts on a cycling test ... and m-r-i scans showed more fatigue in the cognitive control part of the brain.

The findings show a link between over- exertion and the inability to resist the temptation of immediate gratification.

Athletes were asked if they'd prefer ten dollars now -- or fifty dollars in six months.

Those who over- trained were more likely to take the ten dollars now.

But experts point out the study only looks at endurance athletes -- not regular people.

Prior research shows about 4-5 hours of exercise each week can have positive affects on cognitive function ... meaning the average joe shouldn't worry about brain burn- out.

For today's health minute, i'm andy rose.

Now ..it's time to check out our frankfort toyota live traffic report.

Traffic alert for pasadena dr: roadway shutdown to thru traffic between regency rd and nicholasville rd until further notice.

Crews are repairing a downed pole and electrical wires near nicholasville rd.

Non-injury collision: w loudon ave at newtown pike.

New circle rd between floyd dr and meadow ln.

Outbound richmond rd just past water company dr right lane partially blocked.

Traffic signals on flash: nicholasville rd at malabu dr/pasadena dr signals on flash due to repairs on pasadena dr. police directing traffic.

Stalled vehicle: armstrong mill rd at tates creek rd left turn lane blocked.

In entertainment news... a music superstar has a new picture book, and broadway has 'movies' c1 3 david daniel has that and more more in the hollywood minute.

--reporter pkg-as follows-- have a rihanna fan on your holiday gift list?

The singer and entrepreneur is releasing "the rihanna book," a 500-page volume with more than a- thousand photos, many of which have never been published before.

Rihanna calls it a "visual autobiography."

It's available october 24th -- list price 150-dollars.

"hiya, frank.

Would you like to be a part of history?"

"yes, i would."

"th irishman" is headed to broadway!

No, not an adaptation -- the martin scorsese netflix film, which is getting a limited theatrical release, will be shown at broadway's historic belasco theatre for a month, beginning november first.

In a statement, scorsese calls the booking a chance to re-create the era of single- screen theaters in new york.

"these girls wanna party with us.

If they want to drink merlot, we're drinkin' merlot."


If anybody orders merlot, i'm leavin'.

I am not drinkin' any merlot!"

Speaking of broadway, "sideways" is headed for the stage.

Tony-winning choreographer kathleen marshall is set to helm a musical version of the two-thousand- four film about two friends' misadventures in california wine country.

Producers plan a regional staging next year, before moving the show to broadway... no word whether the theatre bar will feature merlot.

In hollywood, i'm david daniel.

Geoergethank you.

And... thank you for watching abc 36 at five.

Governor bevin called teachers selfish and ignorant.

A thug mentality...selfish... throwing a temper tantrum.

Knock 'em out and drag 'em to shore.

It's been a hard couple of years hearing the governor insult us.

I regret nothing that i have ever said hearing the governor insult us.

About an educator.

He doesn't respect working-class people, but every time matt bevin knocks us down, andy beshear lifts us up.

But every time matt bevin knocks us down, he fought for us and he kept his word and he won.

Matt bevin divides us and andy unites us, and that's the difference.

Matt bevin divides us and andy unites us, c1 3

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