Down Syndrome

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Published on October 17, 2019 -
Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

>> the number of groups walking to raise money for the down syndrome association in the low country just keeps growing.

Milley is here to share the details of all of the fun to come.

And thank you so much for joining us again.

Good to see you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> the last time you came on was a year ago, and how have you been this last year?

>> awesome.

It's our second year in charleston, and we're loving t.

And the only regreat is not moving sooner.

>> that's what everyone says, and let's talk about down's syndrome, for everyone not familiar with it, what is it exactly?

>> it affects 6 now victims in the united states, and it's san extra copy of the 21st chromosome, so the parents like to say we have a homey with an extra comey, and there's a mom that said that.

>> 6,000 babies born every year with down's syndrome, and they're at varying degrees, but nowadays, there are more opportunities for people, adults with bounce syndrome to do @things.

What are some of the other places you've seen them employed?

>> i've seen individuals at chop house, one of my neighbors, which is fabulous, and some of the grocery stores locally, biddies and beaus, and that's something that the association kind of helps to provide.

>> and place.


What are some of the challenges of raising a child who has down's syndrome?

>> oh, boy, i don't think that we have that much time, but the challenges definitely outweigh the positives -- we have speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

So a lot of the developmental challenges we go through, and there are cognitive as well.

He's going to be with us for a while.

>> it's true, and h how old is your child?

>> 11.


>> what a sweetheart.

And when he was born, what went through your mind when they told you that he had down's syndrome?

>> i was shocked because i didn't fit the model.

I wasn't in my 40s, and i thought they made a mistake, and i said thought it might be the lady next door's child.

And i was terrified at first, but after everything sunk in, it has been the best thing ever.

>> did you know about it before your son was born.

>> no, i didn't, but i got a deep crash course.

>> and you and your husband, you're a beautiful, perfect family.

But it is necessary to come together to help children with these developmental issues.

Because it really is very difficult for one person to take on by themselves.

>> absolutely.

I'm blessed to have my husband, and blessed to have the association, and that's what we're here for.

We're really an organization that just embraces each other.

And we're all experiencing the same thing so we can bounce ideas off of each other.

It's fellowship, and like the kids in the buddy walk this week, they get to be together.

And they don't feel any different.

Not that anybody makes them feel that way, but it's nice to be in the celebration.

>> we had the pleasure of bringing on the staff.

And also the heart theater, a wonderful organization that brings together all kinds of people with developmental disabilities, and the one thing that i take away meeting someone with down's syndrome, how happy they are.

They are the purest of heart people that i've ever met and it's so inspiring to just be around them.

So let's talk more about the buddy walk.

A wonderful convenient, people need to get out there with the running shoes and walk for a good cause.

>> it's this sunday, october 20th.

In front of bishop high school, and it starts at 12:00, and the walk is actually around 3:00.

It's a mile walk, registration is $10 if you religion before the walk, and then $15 at the door.

>> and the funds are all going back to the association and what they provide.

And recommend the viewers what you do.

>> education at and athletic and employment opportunities.

>> so it really runs the gamut

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