Stingrays Hockey

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Published on October 17, 2019 -
Stingrays Hockey

Stingrays Hockey

>> the south carolina stingrays are 1 and 0 on their season so far, and how you can help the team to a victory, the president robert cannon and welcome back.

What have you been up to?

>> nothing much, working away.

>> tell us about the season so far.

>> the season so far has been great.

Only within game, and saturday night is our home opener and during the month of january, we have all of the tickets the same set price, so we decided to do it on opening night, all of the tickets are $15.

And after the game, the people have a chance to meet the guys upstairs and we're expecting a huge crowd.

>> anything new on the roster?

>> we have a couple of returning guys, and steve is going to be the head coach.

He was assistant coach for three years, and yesterday, we had a team bonding event.

And everyone who comes to charleston, i have a good feeling about the season.

>> just the fact that charleston has their own hockey team you, and think about it with the colder regions, and you come from boston, and in case anyone was wondering, you're not a native to charleston.

>> i've been here for 25 years.

But it has not changed.

Yeah, the st stingrays have beea big part.

And we like to do a lot of things on and off the ice.

We had the one segment where you came over and tried to open the team.

>> try was the operative word.

>> we do a great job, but we do a lot of things as the season goes o we have a packed house, and also, the game on saturday was at 6:00, we need to see if we can get fans in there early.

And then sunday, the games are free for families.

>> how long is the season?

>> the season runs from october to june, and if you're done in april, that means that you didn't make it to the layoffs and the season is over, but we hope to continue into june.

>> are you declared president again?

>> i'm old, and i've been in this information for 10 years now.

>> and rebuttal decorated.

>> i guess, yeah.

>> you've obviously been doing a good job.

>> thank you, and last year, the organization won the award of excellence, and that's a testament to our staff and the coaches and the job that they all do.

>> absolutely.

>> i'm proud of them, and i hope that they have another good year.

>> the fans and the players on the ice, and what kinds of words of encouragement would you give kids here to go out there and play hockey.

>> well, i have an eight-year-old son, and sometimes i catch myself, i don't want to be that crazy parent, you know what i mean?

I think at that early age when they're 5, 6, 7 and 8, you want to make sure that they have fun.

Because if you push and prod too much, they have a passion passion and a love.

>> saturday night, home opener, tickets are $15.

And we have an artist performing the canadian national anthem, and 2010 games saturday at 6:00.

And they can meet all of the stingrays we'll be playing in november, 36 home and 36 away games.

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