BUDDYs BAR-B-Q 10-17-19

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Published on October 17, 2019 -
BUDDYs BAR-B-Q 10-17-19

BUDDYs BAR-B-Q 10-17-19

You the grand opening for bodies barbecue happen yesterday and by all accounts it was a huge success there on the way t kent jordan at east ridge joining us now to talk and taste a little bit about barbecue is travis russell were the gm's with buddies over here we have ken maples who is one of the driving forces that actually brought buddies to chattanooga.

What took you so long we went away and got 15 stores in knoxville.

Let's go.

It's got a lot the slow smoke process.

We took our time getting here, but tickled to be here were happy it's a little bit our little bi science whole ottawa and a friend of mine who is a regular customer knoxville's is best barbecue was a secret.

We like what we do not.

I'm not one to sell you something on the extra right there enough and can you guys doing this at buddies for while but he says been around is born in knoxville around a 47 year started in 19 but he says been around is born in knoxvill around a 47 year started in 1972 they grown a little bit else on the knoxville area but this is probably the east ridge stores the others go from the knoxville area and that's a lon time in the restaurant is absolutely you don't hear many restaurants.

It's been around for over 47 and furthermore, you don't hear about a whole other restaurant floor use that have been associated as long as you working for ken, how long i've been with the company going on 25 years now been with ken for 15 years that indeed says a lot are a gentleman were to dive into some food here for small tell me about decide what we have here at buddies.

We got slow but mean-spirited salmon cortisol's right slows my fresh everyday company.

Sometimes ... you can't.

Here's my favorite jerk pork to sound slow mixed together what's not is a line loss also suggest some of her special drawer room shorten what's not to like you said you cook a lot of this 13 to 15 hours.

This low and slow very low and slow but about 15 hours the only about 6 to 7 ribs 3 to 4 risk.

It's tough nut to crack the lab look just what in the world are you but it looks like you guys have got not only a beautiful piece of brisket i sa the earlier one had a delicious smoke ring audit and the bark o this.

It's uniform looks like it was painful.

That's tough to do it in this video it takes a lot of things.

Love cares about raising kids, you really do you really why go to the time and the expense if you're not gonna make it the best you possibly can write the ribs here these ribs they pull apart perfectly easy used to be.

They were supposed to be pull off the ball, but according to the new barbecue judging rules.

Not that way anymore, nor the lab has to be very flexible and very end of you guys do catering in addition to the restaurant side of things as well correctly as we have done in carryout droppers nervous patio dining catering events and happenings.

So what whatever you need.

We can take and producer.

You have our famous hot fudge cake and lemon pie.

They were telling me that had one of these hot fudge cake.

You are what you want to come back that will is now officially thrown down how we find john a buddies barbecue.com were located in a 6/19 boy and east ridge sales again to do so were you when welcome to town and welcome to our studios

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