PIT BULL 10.17.19

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Published on October 18, 2019 -
PIT BULL 10.17.19

PIT BULL 10.17.19

3 c1 3 welcome back have our pet of th dates of everything like that you may provide it with cowboy will you feeling better i be the people make it run 10 years old more really as he's very sweet loves every body a family dog lays i you and hear most people know october is breast cancer awareness is very you are you and will is represented a little bit more about people awareness lifetime you people have this terrible miss conception about the they wonder absolutely do me we have a lot of come in the shelter of all of their own we go the training process with them is a lot like that a lot the the in the hear things that are always accurate i have to and how they sleep with cats every night.

They love kids.

They love every body so he does report really can't judge rubbery every individual dog differently need to get.

They are full of love.

They are strong and full of energy when they're younger.

You deftly nee i family for most the phone trying to hard absolutely you the guy here he is awfully laid by raising get notices 4gl you you you are the operating budget the big dog.

Even the that have the that x there you walk in and lots of exercise couch but did you you you actually have a running right read to the people awareness all of our pebbles that are explicit older $59 option since the nine in the month of octobe that you absolutely so they can visit i with our location in hamburg you can see him in the course and are hundred of for height remain shelter they can come asked about the guys out there to get a might be like to hear equally about ... will come in and meeting with questions about people that hir and people running to like other animals like heads and i like t hear the worst stuff you know on the media and unfortunately, there are a lot of had restrictions on rental property we rented to that a lot.

He doesn't have the landlord had a little a yes i you think of his me will you a little call me at the know.

I began wanted me to work in a different lord your cowboy file that like to maybe make an appointment to come see him in a to come on out and fired we are there remind there so they don't have make appointment does come on and bring family bring other dogs recommended meager the doctors were he is older you he

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