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All well for trial.

We are in is not well thought silas and where the tradition about it that i were this came to three times leading up to self, you know, i've heard about this capon now tenet is very famous.

I can those butts in the morning and morning to see you on the settlement report on well with you.

This is the 20th anniversary.

So on the 20 each month beginning in august with dinner tonight so this sunday night, the morning family restaurants are hosting us to get back night we have dinner in a give a certain percentage of what you spend directly for gobbler therefore restaurants involvement.

If i get them all milk and honey instat on tackle mama sita ... yes i am.

It will come to me.

I am so sorry tactile mom and milk and honey, absolutely yes and her chest, something today, sunday the 20th is a month and this will benefit the clone house.

Tell us exactly what the clone shelter for homeless families has 13 units keeps families together as they searc for permanent housing.

While doing homeless situation on thi year, we plan to give a portion of the proceeds to childcare and transportation because what we found over the years as they ca stay in this place well and loo for jobs in permanent housing kids how to get to the job interview so it trying to expan our region really help folks have a more whole life.

At the end of a sound when in such a wonderful thing that you want the right or in any you and your husband's row long.

This is a six-year, we've done every year and sharing it six needs, john lol i don't know about you your husband is prize johnson are and allow my walk again health is want to come they wan to come with him, one or probably that i can condone why is right amount of money money, which were auction this came back to this so it's on the bac okay what christmas is this normally when i do this is barb anyway that's what gigi stands for is grieving alone and

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