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Published on October 20, 2019 -


New tonight at nine?

Nearly 1?

Hundred hoosiers and more than a 10?thousand people nationwide are waiting for lif?

Saving organ transplants.

According to the indiana donor network?

Another person is added to the transplant waiting list every ten minutes.

A fiv?k was held tonight to celebrate life?

Honor organ tissue donors?

And help spread awareness about donating.

Megan diventi caught up with tr?state families?

Impacted by organ donation tonight.

She joins us live in the studio with more.



Each day nearly 20 people die because a donated organ wasn't available in time.

Toda?the indiana donor network held a ?k to raise awareness for thousands of hoosiers waiting for a life saving organ transplant... and for some tr?state familie?they know first hand the impact donating can have.

"that's kind of the silver lining in all of this knowing that there are people who can live on through all of this."

At friedman par?many laced up their shoe?for something much more than a wal?

"he was a passenger in a car that was hit by a drunk driver and every chance i get to honor him i try and do that."

For jack fiel?it was a phone call a few years ag?that forever changed his life.

"this day is all about honoring my donor nicolas townsens.

I received his lung four and a half years ago.

It was may of 2015."

The indiana donor network ?k is all in an effort to raise awareness about the thousands of hoosiers waiting for a lif?saving organ transplant.

"you just hope and pray that someday you're on that list.

It's the only hope that you have."

The event raises awareness about organ donatio?

Along with raising money for those impacted by donation and transplants.

"you are helping other people.

Young people, older people, you are helping so many people when you can donate your organs."

For the bogard famil?the day was in honor of their son maso?who passed away a few months ago.

"he was able to donate his heart, and his kidneys, and his liver they were able to divide and help two people."

Indiana donor network officials sa?

Anyone can be a donor by registering their decision, learning more about the process and speaking with family.

One donor can save up to eight live?

And heal many more.

"it's not just the end, that people can actually move forward through organ donation."

"you will actually be saving lives, absolutely, saving someones life."

Officials say it take less than a minute to register as a organ donor at the ??v.

And if you missed this years ??

There will be another race next year.

Megan diventi,

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