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... what do we and down we see amy happy they put on a show this division will gain weird oxford endless and find out next on the enzo och orthopedic and weight inc.

Welcome back thanks for hanging out with guys courtney rob myspace recalled the game about the we the game of this day could be the year week nine we may have hit a homerun the only undefeated team and thinks a ever that will go down when had to win to the highlight 42 miles per gallon if comfortable it's a steel to the game starkville madison central this could go at starkville is great start picked off by kai reed chief jacket get the ball luke meyer the connection a few plays later that third down find that man to man the alleged ... what demand a db give him some dab so him some love here comes matt centro holiday ... in the bus in jack's cut in starkville cut and at half out meyer who else for that touchdown 1714 six weird in the fourth quarter harvey within the same graph on the sideline here comes the jacket ... wc vin no 2014 madison central into the end zone two minutes left in the two-minute drill for the jack goes he come by andre matt ... that said that the game- winning field goal okay the jacket get away 34 straight home when ... defeats madison's central wcb eyes chris bolton has more tom courtney this right here was definitely the game of the week a completed expect patients this was a straight up dogfight yellowjacket stargell had an opportunity madison central struggles the second half they came out swinging taking the lead on starkville big time players like coach jones said he had multiple touchdowns look out meyer started three-game calls red they did got to keep fighting strong and that's what happened today continue to build off the ... as for things like that they need to be played the home winning streak starkville take on myra mara for now reported in starkville chris bolton wcb eyes for ... starkville courtney talked about if the transit of property ... starkville defeats number one so does that mean starkville is number one?

You that that number once by after tonight starkville deserves it how about west point action taken on grenada ... earl on its robert spearman west point so matching ... battling its way first down get down to the 1 yard line so that in time west point 13 points in the second half ... death taxes turn up 2213 louisville west lauderdale on the road putting up points again about 6 kn in ... brian's pass to the wildcats in the possession ... they can't do it fair you get on for that touchdown we got here gets to the end zone for the touchdown that's all louisville what need 12 to nothing more scores from around the area 23 to 10 lafayette lakes south hello beats, rate ... coming up next more highlight on all we're five shannon was dominated upon a time keeps it rolling coming up with us after the break ... welcome to the so 35 points to the first half they come out in the second troopers cutting down in the discourse was 35 27 but getting the job dine again improving yet another perfect week 980 law 35 nothing caledonia at pontotoc against the war years qb brandon edison looking for the end zone kicked out by warriors my pay towns in could he go all the way to any absolutely does time expired into the house into seven third-quarter warriors driving connor armstrong finds lj sounds for a nice game to move those cane a little bit later rose a dine pass cuts down to pontotoc in the third pontotoc slips away by just the hairs on the at&t and can ... corinth new albany they could decide on that decision as well gets the big rhine later on 30 in law detention feel he's been find ... there will be pines and bulldogs they will be punched in their first series charlie rock this short game and then they drive past the things filthy leafy cellmates points albany called cop corey takes the way 56 two new albany's 20 there is a matchup of fire were we got something here early on mccarty johnson finds a lane 60 yards to the knox to be county takes on an early lead here comes the same day dl means to the 60 yard touchdown line would do his thing on his profession trying to find an open on the receiver not to be county roles to the w 28 to 21 aberdeen taking on houston houston with a huge hot start and quarterback mark trade mark copper became her man to point conversion that is not good for nothing this time the bobby townsend they go for the two-point conversion dairy impulses on his way to the end zone did two-point conversion is good in houston come in a way 52 to 6 toppers back on track ... amery has been read high ... carol ... gets the panthers in the point jones in the call zone i need a touchdown thank you here goes the tigers graham gardner to dedrick johnson for the touchdown pat is good till nettleton takes a 76 lead ... take it out to braxton griffin and it slows butterfingers there's a fumble nettleton answered your mate takes a handoff you can forget about catching him ... really gives amery all they can handle is amery leaf perfect in their decision making out nettleton moore from around the area north pontotoc cost to a two-point conversion to wayne with 15 seconds to win top cow county ... 43 to fit holly springs loses to water sally 38 20 ... coming up next division football more highlights coming up matt welcome back to the w cbi end zone ... calhoun sadie and bruce here and early standing calzone defense calhoun sadie the touchdown here comes bruce trying to answer amari armstrong calhoun sadie woodson dell 40 ... this deed to nothing the wildcats are dominant let's head over to knox to paid her taking on west lowndes county for homecoming ... absolutely carrying on back with me for 30 yard the tigers gloves 37 to nothing celebrate that one man not one of our sent a fire deep look at lines of marques shelton did two point conversion is gay ... tommy took the words right out of my mouth ... the recaps 31 to 16 ... nana wyatt taking on hamilton ... 2 yards out 27 to nothing bj jones for hamilton 75 yards the first touchdown of the evening for hamilton 20 727 returns the cake for ... that is a determined man a virtual soul ... got my kong tied to guys tom you're getting me tripped up 36 21 ... jc jewelers 1716 combat with the eagles that went for your poor walnut defeats pots can 39 to 27 walnut defeats pots can 39 to 2732 to 62732 to 6c cps my goodness 60 to 28 bolland defeats thrasher biggers fell call water ... 28 connecting ... state is defeated kj smith watch the stiff arm heritage academy onto seven to nothing here comes golf all he makes a man 44 yard game on for ever but the pats would be able to stand turning into points you have to score points in order to carter law is lead to 14 nothing in the first quarter 40 227 me the way hey what do i know columbus christian hebron christian quarterback brandon tripp way you guess he gets into the house gets the score 24 to 12 quarterback dakota shaw said to himself find it in the hallway and into the end zone we hate to get called back for a facemask penalty intercepted by triplett turn it over columbus christian by two point columbus christian wins 4224 ... calhoun academy and soto ... physics on the 40 yard stamp of the touchdown big blank countdown p2 nothing victory christian here on the second wait until you see this block thereafter all my guys the man has a feeling ... 61 highlights ... welcome back to the in so the way alan, we go.

Pickens county quarter scrambles swallowed up by that tornado defense the according vaccines but buys variance washington don't do it you're not getting time pickens county about now draws back decides to run instead if you can move it with your legs then why not taking the dead 32 to 13 barry get squashed's quest central homes winston academy clinton christian south lamarr does the way ... at whole 15 gordo crest is harbin hill will wrap up this ... who else would be my number one of the night the yellowjackets and you are rolling when the falcons see

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