Jim Owen

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Jim Owen

It's never too late to get in shape, and Jim Owens is here to talk about his book, detailing his own fitness journey at the age of 79!


Jim Owen

C1 3 you little monday motivation yo work out just the person you need to hear from you committed all in the event of course is really getting up not sitting down but he like we need to go work on the submit will and do that will talk about your book.

You have a new book that you came out with just just approach to fitness after 50 okay when you're young and it means bathing suit losing 20 pounds of getting married next when you'r older to ... aches and pains in the removing function as well.

This is through day your grandchild that you can raise per week do that you got beef reasonably flexible but heavy lifting, no you and what a fascinating is actually started this journey when you worse the was seven messages never to go to all the different chronic back pain is were shot my right rotator cuff was frozen.

I like this about 20 pounds .5 pounds of weight i looked in the mirror and said i'm an old man all told my wife i said honey i'm an old man juices.

Don't worry you still got game.

She said enforcement of the game is will a good fit you want to do so want to five or 10 traders and should can you help me get fit visual holding i said i'm 70 this will our clients are your 40 they were kind of surprised is is i was not sure you go to 80 years young.

I like i finally found one poor guy was is force caused is i can help us to show do you wonder what i could do one push ... i tried will is three newsletter i do 50 push-ups, so what the message is simply a never too old to get fifth and is baby step just like this ... if you like this you well for dropout so my messages so keep it simple mega complicated the magazines nor silver mines in your febrile complicated exercises will simply exercises farming management that sounds ecologic there's something what we do well following is one of the biggest problems does have adults all friends, uncles, absolutely.

I was grandpas and my balance is not the best like yours.

But anybody can do this with will lift you up i did the just the back looks at my back.

I'm not that the buntrock is she also is is working prior and say and so you just alternating you you will have to walk unitrin left while you were in the ... i don't have the balance yet user will junior fit cornell good out there will will i work out.

I'm still have trouble wit balance may lead is of adults over 6050 follow your what you fall into the forward you again this on work in progress.

I motsinger the balance is a no no no this is not just but you work back in your your training group whole just by yourself.

I love it only takes five minutes okay the second one is not everyone needs to do a client because of your lot.

The strongest part of my body for the poor about your appointment your sixpack you close a band the ghost got here up to hear so my pool was weak more that's what causes medications more back pain know that the hard way, so to supply like you did is line you is my mission to supply to that is impressive guys is really a ... .

I can hold this with performance, morning-after well guess what i could do for 15 seconds start, so just bit by bit right little steps add up the baby before if they wanted to do a push-up i to do a push- up sure you can this is a push- up ... you are ... the is a push-up ... like that to go there a i motivation oreo is the new approach to fitness after that you can catch the details on your screen here if you're interested in picking one of you.

Video guys we were.

I haven't even with number 20 you will is the will of keep going you think you so much for comin in and drennon springs but i don't we are sitting down with another author the ... morning will ... is in ... uncial kentucky ... to hear

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