I’m Black, Even With Albinism

Video Credit: Barcroft TV STUDIO
Published on October 29, 2019 - Duration: 04:48s

I’m Black, Even With Albinism

A WOMAN with dwarfism has rediscovered her passion for dance and now wants to inspire others with her moves.

She may be only 3ft (and 36 inches) but Jonna, or Lil Miss Ross as she is known on social media, has made a big impact with her dancing and message of body positivity.

From going viral in her popular dance videos to modelling in a swimsuit shoot, Jonna wants to prove that beauty comes in all sizes.

The 29-year-old admits that being of such short stature comes with challenges.

She has to buy child-size clothing; her car has been specially adapted and she needs to use a mobility scooter for long distances.


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