Mocs Samford

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Published on November 11, 2019 -
Mocs Samford

Mocs Samford

Ranks in the bottom two of the southern conference.

The bulldogs have allowed more than 243 yards on the ground a game.

Chattanooga and the league's second-leading running back ailym ford looking to take advantage those defensive holes today in birmingham.

Beautiful day.

And a beautiful campus setting for college football.

Turned ugly fast for chattanooga.

First mocs series, and freshman phenom ailym ford went down with a leg injury.

He was done for the day.

Wright:"he just hurt his knee.

I don't know.

I have not seen him since he got hurt.

We'll look at that tomorrow, and see what the deal is.

He has got to go to the doctor."

Good thing running back elijah ibitokun hanks returned from injury.

This second quarter touchdown made it 14-7 mocs.

Later in the second with the score 21-7 ibitokun hanks breaks off a 32-yard touchdown run he rushed for a buck-39 as u-t-c went up 28-7 at halftime.

But samford got a t-d to open the third.

Then they recovered a mocs fumble and scored again on this kendall watson reception.

It's now 28-20.

That didn't make the mocs coach happy.

Mocs answered on the next drive.

Bryce nunnelly an awesome one-handed catch.

Then tiano hit ibitokun hanks for a touchdown to make it 35-20.

Mocs hold on to win 35-27.

Chattanooga rushed for 275 yards, despite missing ford.

Hanks:"to see that one player can go down and other guys can pick up the slack for that one player shows a lot about our offense."

Tiano:"their offense can strike quick.

That's what they have done here for years.

We knew we needed to put some points on the board to give our defense a cushion.

Thankfully we were able to do that."

From birmingham.

Rick nyman news 12 now sports.

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