Join ‘Millie’s Movement’

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Published on November 14, 2019 -

Join ‘Millie’s Movement’

One student at North Bay Elementary School in Bay St.

Louis is trying to save Christmas one band at a time and you can join her mission.


Join ‘Millie’s Movement’

Pm tuesdays - through saturdays.- - one student at north bay- elementary school in bay st.- louis is trying to save - christmas one band at a time...- and you - can join her mission.

- millie brignone - is a fourth grader selling thre- dollar wristbands in- order to purchase toys for less- fortunate kids.

- also, all coast domino's are- joining millie's efforts- tomorrow night.

- if you mention "millie's- movement, 20 percent of the - proceeds will go towards toys - for tots.

- millie tells news 25 she enjoys- helping out and - spreading the holiday cheer in- south mississippi.- - "one day, my dad was like do yo- want to - - - - start doing this and i was like- i've been wanting to do this- forever.

He was like- you can start this.

I would - never say no to anything like - - - - this for helping other kids."

- another way you can help- millie's movement is to donate-

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