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You at 11 ... welcome to week 13 of the end zone.

Our game of the week between louisville and pontotoc.

One of these defenses had their game ... will get to 68581 a to a ... welcome into week 13 of wcb i in zone.

Tom double courtney rob in these united states of america courtney this week was fantastic ... everything getting cut in half.

It's when or go home ... either happy time or very sad time then you'll be on your couch watching the end zone ... we look at some of these matchups across the board.

We saw a little bit of unexpected date.

I was going to say that's exactly what is unexpectedly on the expected ... this week we let the fans pick our game of the week.

Those of you the fans viewers choose our carl hogan toyota game of the week by 15 votes pontotoc at louisville.

They meet again in the second round they got these points to their defense and this one ... the 2020 toyota camry beauty with red leather interior was foreshadowing the game pontotoc taking on louisville first quarter welcome to the wildcats world here in the touchdown extra point no good shoemaker ... summary incurred for the touchdown that is exactly the fans love it.

It's still in the first shoemaker took kirk sideline touched down 18 to nothing in the first quarter ... picked off by joe ward.

His eyelid wildcats take over shoemaker to mosley.

Don't let the wildcats get into the red zone louisville is an embarrassment of riches ... it is mosley louisville goes on to dominate 52 to nothing.

What awaited for the wildcats ... tom courtney the power cats came they saw in the concord as they put on a dominating performance tonight quarterback tree shoemaker given everyone.

Some love kirk m mosley, of course, the running game, along with blocking michael 516 and we got michael rushing touchdown.

They pitched a shutout they were dominating as well and with the performance like this.

Even the coach was happy about this.

The guys started off slow last week with this week right here.

We had a great week of practice.

The guys were more focused and we came out to play.

We came out to handle business.

We had to put points on the board and do what we do.

It was all about the part preparation in stamp focus.

Everyone got the ball.

We all spread it around a tough way to end the season for pontotoc louisville get to doug and they want to play greenwood next week and that's going to be a ballgame so we'll see who wins that matchup.

But for now reported in louisville.

Chris bolton wcb ice sports louisville in their eight game win streak that makes their fourth shutout louisville defense you have that offense ... the great steve rob.

My father was a great defense wins championships ... louisville and greenway starkville at horn lake ... awaited it would be a turnover defensive battle very early for the new stop for jacket does put all my air roof is harvey for a first down.

They are ... former ole miss wide receiver single-game receive and record a single season record 18 yards away and starkville getting the job done.

35 22 ... interception enter fumble of cunningham brandon harris finding tj anderson taken this way.

Don't lose issue.

The green is taking them for the 1 yard taking it for take gives 42 to 14 west point ... that's a big ... tupelo season south panola 39 and 23 39 and 2333 of 14 lafayette defeats, then corinth 49 26 to one of the games of the night and not all that but just the playoffs as well, dated sister 5 yard scamper pick up a couple yards.

Ike chandler still on his feet.

I get the first down.

But he fumbled a cup of, but that is okay anyone but ahs is your winner of your game wind and field-goal ... it no one by ahs in the third round.

Chris kind of blew new albany and greenway in the state is special even for a this driveway and with the fourth-down conversion and a touchdown for greenway great season for new albany greenwood's been a really good football 52 zero ... interloper ahs ... and then who would get to the bottom half louisville will go to greenway ... i don't want to discredit but it feels like to north halves and one black.

It in corinth and in a lumbar spine to be a huge week 14 anna for a five a west point at lafayette is going to have to come out to clay county ... well there forever tight the show, but central ... taking on the way, it ... i don't think anyone saw this coming olive branch taking on start starkville in the net and then oxford in south panola.

That's just not even here to defend their home turf.

If i'm being biased little egg roll may be coming up again coming up next water valley taking on top towel county all the red-hot chargers.

Three a and two a east in the haters ... i'll come get you.

Welcome back to the end zone ... water valley is tied up.

It is 21.

All choctaw county up.

We can probably do better zigzag in its way type open the side line.

He's off to the races ... he's inside the tent in kendall coleman finishes it out folks class iii a will have an state champion child towel county knocks out water valley 3835 to 28 ... darien goldman kitted in there for a plot twist.

The only touchdown for the entire game boiler with dairy, impulsive, yet again, take the ball running around the side picking up 20 yards and then off the kickoff for an entire sharma are houston engine out there.

The word is 826 against north no i will going taken and told the at the end of the regulars is not to be county 2110.

Nothing to tupelo itself south delta at calhoun city.

The fumbles gets into marrying clayton in for the touchdown takes in an early we sing in defense taking in a deep shot.

No soup for you intercepted ... heck of a rapidly for a wide receiver calhoun city 21 to 12.

Northside takes you will team this matter to a charleston taking on east union.

Let's keep the playoff action union with the, or a short game is hypocritical so hope you ... great game.

He fumbles the ball goes added about aggressive too much for ... in the third round.

How about east webs to in the people i had.

She gets taken down by stuart webster, 36 through 35 ... taking a look at the to a bracket ... south delta and charleston ... charleston had to go to where you ... east webster northside has given up 20 point ... greek football game so excited and then three a north houston knocks to be county as the third round two totally different team ... not yet been dominating are usually the best defense ... it will be a heckuva matchup as well the independent 20 1019 one bottom of the entire county as well coming up next on the end zone.

When a football nana.

Why is ... advances find out next week highlight scores next day with ... welcome back to the end zone 18 playoff games tcp as at baldwin's, holiday shaking me up to nothing bursting up the middle fumbles the ball three cps recovers 27.

Nice comeback by the bearcat.

That's a big katie carter marie hart will come soon.

In the feed that man is hungry up early on katie carter, idl's katie knox and paid her future when 43 20 ... water at nana ym 28 nothing 35 nut ... pushed out.

Of the one that's okay getting behind big only nana liar was veering in a way the they get the w 50s w.

Lowndes ryan.

They get the win 44 through state eight wins this year.

Lotta good things are coming to with nano i is all huge matchup between foreign leaders and good teams. who gets to have that man caused the just that shut down the state of i was there this year ... welcome back to the end zone ... celeste punched some chick gets to a state championship and looks like a touchdown for but it will be ruled down as the five replay and don't lie.

That was a touchdown.

That's okay.

He's there to clean up the mess it's heritage.

They are not putting up one touchdown in a game they did close to 25 heritages on their way to the base championship game 20 724 27 24 when nona christine started off early.

But on the kick off a few cuts choice to be with the ball in his hand look at him.

Ryan number four space go for two they get it went on a christian 827 next play no no no don't come any and all what recovery their extra points.

Indianola leading a nona christine has answer delta weekends use the money touchdown.

Indianola gets against and christian great season for the stars 3528 google heritage phase rivalry football in this champion foot tall, they came down adams county heritage starkville academy, your state championship moving on could be i'm able to get the state championship west alabama.

We love our west alabama action, especially when it's gordo plan dj in march through the hand first down and then later in the first quarter, this one would think you pass again, but then is brought down before you can reach the end zone.

It doesn't matter because the write up the middle in the gordo comes away with the way 18 to 7 ... they were the only ones that had a good night so legit falls on the red they great season for the blue devils fallen on the role pickens county 2120 over tornadoes are happy south lamar 5934 great season for the style state championships fall short in break ... heck of a comeback from east webster in a

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