Celebrity Bagathon

Video Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
Published on November 27, 2019 -

Celebrity Bagathon

Chip Chapman is live at the annual United Way celebrity bag-a-thon today at the Food City in St.



Celebrity Bagathon

Now at noon to come... united way of greater chattanooga.

Lots of folks were here it's over there.

Louise is generally look out some of the lookout staff is here as well.

The civic leaders we got political leaders.

We are folks to ballclub earlier arose from a couple of minutes talking with mike's and charles and mike you are the united way, kim chairman m.

Karen is correct, rare for louise to help out the community and united way and the much appreciated the food city having a sitter today.

Tell me exactly what the campaign chairman for the united way does well.

I really just coordinate a lot of volunteers getting at dark unity.

Talking to businesses talking to our partner agencies and talking to the various generous deacons to help us make a difference in a lot of people's lives.

Any idea of how many partner agencies united wa has we have 39 partner agencies.

We were with a number of nonprofits really bet 400 nonprofits there.

1600 nonprofit about 1300 bites, communities, and we try to coordinate all of those to come together to form a collaborativ effort to help out our guys give us a house to do a lot of charity involvement were you have for years will make you say yes when united way approached you about this united way is very unique in our community an that it really tries to bring everybody together.

We got so many resources and is really great if we can also work together to cooperate and collaborate to address the needs we need to address in there.

On of the few to try to work with.

This is government partner agencies and community and neighborhoods to address the needs of our community much monies united way trying to raise the issue.

It's a loving point.

It's a loving $.3 million as our minimum goal we want exceeded and how could folks who want to help out the united way do so if you're not able to com by the food city here in st.

Elmo was there a number different ways.

One of the easiest ways is just to get a guitar website and the website will have bob there are many opportunities, volunteer opportunities, you can give.

Yo can volunteer.

You can also connect with various other agencies that we up partner with and how long is this going to be going on here today were to be here and then we started to in and will finish six well to handle such a long rest the afternoon, but on behalf of chattanooga's everywhere like s much for all you do and you just said thank you mike mike st.


He'll take your bags o groceries out to the car, but remember to give the celebrity baggers.

A little tip and that all goes to the united way of greater chattanooga.

If you kno someone who is been touched by the united way suggestions that will be part of because i bet you do.

Certainly a lot of wonderful groups with united way to work with them.

They also enclosing.

Don't be a turkey get downhill to charlie the shopping guide might go with basic

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Food City Celebrity bagging
Video credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN - Published on November 27, 2019 

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