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Published on December 3, 2019 -

Table Talk -

Have you heard of the "Chair Challenge"?

It's trending on social media and it involves people attempting to stand up while hold a chair to their body, Watch us try it here!


Table Talk -

Good afternoon and thanks for joining us on midday at 12:30.... i'm amber freeman.......... and i'm..............adam banks today is cyber monday!

C1 3 so much you go shopping friday know did not do the first thing of shopping, so i didn't get an deals this week.

Given all so i my anxiety is off the chain amber because i feel like i've missed out on something about black friday.

I never ever felt like i black friday magazine more anxiety going into the door without many evil people were saying all my sharpens done.

I've artie got the holiday shopping and i'm not even's guarded and understaffed my and tell you my anxiety is through the roof out the diver monday for which is today's which is already 1230 enough still not got online to check out the bil so i'm imagining in my head tha everything's artese old outgoing i you you have your i am not a shopping.

Luckily we had been shopping expert on thi today decided by i don't feel like there's good deals all the time.

Maybe if you have a few items that you really need and that they're having like pd thinking people always get a lo of things like that were electronics but other than that i don't know and are they really deals hers all winter has a me.

Don't get me wrong, there's deals out there product but one, no i kid you not lash at the same thing.

I didn't do any shopping and i went like the following day so what saturday and they had the same stuff and i swear it does this seem like that, maybe a $20 difference in price on on stuff a lot is it worth it.

So keep that in mind and hopefully when i go shopping.

Finally that are stil stuff there that i can get good deals one i try to set a budget anyway a good that's responsible i would rather avoid everything during holiday season.

At this this course is the latest for the for i don't want to participate in the parking lot.

The stores now standing in line i would pay extra not to stand so which beats the purpose of this scale i cyber monday fax media will get them a little bit later but i want you to watch the have you heard help people do their planking challenges they you all these other cree the i don't even know the water bucket staff all that you are in the chair challenge that is one challenge i have not heard of yet well is trending social media in the people attempting to stand out and have to hold a chair or stool right next to th body ... .

Now i test sad the fire of now and then in women's vitae make it so that we can do it but man can now in the here's what you do hear from people trying to stand with your feet against th wall.

You take two steps backwards just 1 foot directly behind the other and you mean for it like she did you put you head on the wall and meters for your weight five terrace call between your wall and the leg and pull it laughing and your body with your arm and then you stand out without moving your right itself really let's see i he can correct that she did an easy ... you can even lino made it look real easy.

I so not happening i the you know he wants to so bad to well you will also tour a photographer would have them on the shelf time we tried the so let's see how this donald the school be hilarious ... since feel like a door taurine the background judging ... he's probably confident that he's get it done ... .

I'm striving for tennis ... ball and ... society around ... old ... you did okay so up ... reviewing it again.

I your stor trying ... the moonwalk ... you got the stories that his head still hurts.

I also will d it for you you think you can do it.

I'm all wakes up at sharonda our producer we are film i'm doing here on now a out for all wrong you're not confident ... i don't know what to say and th center of mass of now.

I love you you will show you whether o not can you let me tomorrow, but for now to because we have leave the kentucky case that they are here to talk about the most kentucky fried holiday gift.

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