mater dei girls basketaball pkg

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
mater dei girls basketaball pkg

mater dei girls basketaball pkg

After a losing campaign two years ago..

The mater dei girls basketball team completely flipped the script.

The wildcats won 17 games last season..


Marched all the way to semistate.

This season..

Mater dei has struggled out of the gate..

But the girls tell our very own andrew garcia..

They have what it takes to right the ship.

In the 2019 postseason, the mater dei girls basketball team made it all the way to sem?state before coming up short to winchester community.

It was very exciting, we had an alright season, but i know our girls really came alive in the pos?season, and i was just really excited here, everyone buckled down and started practicing really hard and i was glad to see we got that far.

We definitely wanted to go a little further but like i said we were so proud of the girls.

We got pretty far and we hope to do the same this year.

We've improved on every game, and done pretty good.

Fast forward to this year, and the wildcats are without 5 members of last year's squad and looking to younger players to fill the void.

They definitely were key players but i think we have a lot of talent coming up and i think as long as we work hard we'll only get better from here.

Getting our mind into it we haven't played together before this is a whole new team, i just think if we work hard and just want it then i think we can do a lot better.

We definitely have to lead by example, we definitely have to show them how it works and how to work hard and i definitely think we can do it.

They were definitely key roles but, we've got some good talent coming up and it should be good.

The start to 201?2020 has not been sunshine and roses, but the wildcats see no reason to panic as they were ?6 at one point last year.

We've definitely improved from game to game and i think we will keep improving and gelling as a team.

We've been in every single game with these girls, and their intensity is amazing it's completely there and, we just need to push it over to the fourth quarter and continue strong so, we've been close in all the games so, with reitz here on wednesday, we come out on top.

In evansville, andrew garcia, 44 sports.

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